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  • SigilSigil Posts: 678 Developer
    Thanks for the help.

    Can anyone who has those, specifically the ones that have letter translations written on them post them for everyone to see?

    also iya is may mean "is our"

    alternatively the syntax might be totally random and different than English and this could be totally wrong.
  • NaotoKozukiNaotoKozuki Posts: 27 Seed
    lol iv only figured out like 5 letters so far ;-; from one of the old add on things you could buy that said secret
    ;-; doesn't help much but eh.
  • SigilSigil Posts: 678 Developer
    Oh? what does it say?
  • Double checking - some of them may have gotten mixed up when I wrote them down on the forums
  • The little thing says 'secret' - this was before they made the TUG language, however.

    good job, Naoto! ^.^
  • Found several things;

    I wrote a 't' instead of 'd' for the second word of the second line. Now it is 'devotei'.

    And I wrote an 'I' instead of 'h' in the second word of the fourth line. Now it is 'ahtator'

    Sorry about that, guys - I'll make sure to double check next time I type these out onto the forums. ^.^;
  • SigilSigil Posts: 678 Developer
    Stelam'iya eternei creod

    Caelam'iya, devotei vakad

    Theram'iya, oblivisei teacid

    Xarom'iya, ahtator tenegrei

    Ok. Can you link the images you're drawing this from for our reference?
  • http://31.media.tumblr.com/ae407df1d883 ... 1_1280.png



    I am fairly certain I got the translation correct - but I am sick today, so I can't be positive. What do you guys think?
  • RinRin Posts: 668 Seed
    i plugged the translation into google and it came out with tacid, close to tacit which means implied. also, i looked up theram on the interwebs and found a site that said it could mean first, or first sign. so very loosely, i believe the third line could be "the first sign of our destruction was implied" or "the sign of our destruction was implied"
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  • Sounds neat, Rin - I'll put this on the master post.
  • Hmmm, 'our first oblivion implied' doesn't quite sound right. I'm afraid I don't really have any ideas as what the last word could be, though.
    Maaayyybeeeeeeeeeeeee ensued?
  • SigilSigil Posts: 678 Developer
    Nicely done Rin!

    Ok so I went back over the runes and got basically the same thing. Assuming the wiki was right when they decoded these it should be the same.

    One typo was that the G in TENEGREI is a B.
    which basically reenforces it being Tenebrae latin for Shadows or Darkness

    Stelam'iya eternei creod

    Caelam'iya, devotei vakad

    Theram'iya, oblivisei teacid

    Xarom'iya, ahtator tenebrei

    I mean to check over the characters and see if there is any confusion at all about the comparison. maybe the source is wrong.

  • @Sigil
    All right, awesome. Sorry for the typos.
  • AmonostAmonost Posts: 111 Seed
    Hi everyone!
    So this is what I found out and what I think about the message.

    m'iya is similar to-- iyam = Sanskrit for this/that
    iya = Indonesian for "yes"
    Vakad similar to vaka = Turkish for "event"
    devotei= Portuguese for devoted
    Stela = an ancient upright stone slab bearing markings
    creod similar to credo = doctrine, tenet, philosophy
    Caela similar to caila in Sanskrit meaning "call"

    that and based on what was shared earlier here leads me to...

    Stelam'iya eternei creod
    this ancient stone's eternal creed (decree?)

    Caelam'iya, devotei vakad
    This call (to) (the) devoted event

    Theram'iya, oblivisei teacid
    this sign (of) oblivion implied

    Xarom'iya, ahtator tenebrei
    this/ that________ stirs (the) darkness
  • @Amonost
    Oh wow, that sounds pretty legitimate. I'll update the masterpost!
  • mkjnsmkjns Posts: 29
    Another find about creod: "derived from the Greek words for "necessity" and "a path." A term coined by D.S. Waddington who says a creod is a "time trajectory of developmental change (arising) from the characteristics of the closed circular causal organization of the system of genes and cytoplasm. Creods are a type of phenomena which occurs in many other fields also." (Waddington, 1960, p. 82)"
  • SigilSigil Posts: 678 Developer
    That is excellent Amonost!

    Stelam being standing stone is a wonderful breakthrough.

    It seems Xarom'iya, ahtator is the key to what is coming then. It's possible one of these words is a name.
  • Yeah, Sigil, Amonost is good at this. 88)

    One of them might be, but if we're still going with 'this' then;

    This Sarah that stirs the darkness
    (Put 'Sarah' in place of one of the names)
  • PamcakesPamcakes Posts: 738 Seed
    Are you guys sure you're on the right path? :o
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • Well so far it seems to make the most sense, Pamcakes.

    I still have the other version of file if someone realizes it's not just in case, ;;)
  • SigilSigil Posts: 678 Developer
    I am not sure of anything yet. we could be grasping at straws here. They might not have based a single word on any know language.
  • NaotoKozukiNaotoKozuki Posts: 27 Seed
    Well it seems that something is coming together. ouo
  • They might not have based the TUG language on any real language, but why would they also not give us any hints as to how to solve it?
  • SigilSigil Posts: 678 Developer
    as far as Xaro
    hmm. Roxa is Portuguese for Purple
    and Oxra is Azerbaijani for Ocher (an earthy pigment)

    My guess is these aren't correct though
  • SigilSigil Posts: 678 Developer
    I assume because they like to watch us chase our tails. It's what I'd do. Especially if I was a scientist.
  • AmonostAmonost Posts: 111 Seed
    Thanks guys. ;)
    I just did a lot of repeated searching on different sites.

    also based on mkjns' and Arkneos' help I get this...

    Stelam'iya eternei creod
    This ancient stone's eternal rising

    Caelam'iya, devotei vakad
    This call (to) (the) devoted event

    Theram'iya, oblivisei teacid
    This first sign (of) oblivion implied

    Xarom'iya, ahtator tenebrei
    That Xaro stirs (the) darkness
  • Hmmm, while I really like the translation (Good job everybody!), we still have to figure out what it means/polish it up.

    Maybe it's a warning? Like an ancient God (Perhaps one of the twelve in the large concept art picture?) is going to rise up?
  • SigilSigil Posts: 678 Developer
    btw I was googling from Ahtator and found a site which used it this is the snippet that had it "Olresa fes iteb ahtator dede soshehmo tigoer"

    Every translator I put it in claims it's Portuguese but they wouldn't translate a single word. Maybe you folks will have better luck.

    Also Xaro is the name of a dude from a song of fire and ice. just saying.
  • @Sigil
    I'm afraid I can't find anything, myself.
  • AmonostAmonost Posts: 111 Seed
    I found this
    date 22 ahtator 1994 Edhe nga Shqiperia na vjen letersi.

    I think It's the name of a month...
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