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Since we have Alchemy in the game, will there be some sort of transmutation as well?

Maybe not everybody can be able to transmute, not even with training. But it would be really cool if you had a possibility to transmute. Just need the right amount of materials in a transmutation circle, and you could transmute it into whatever (depending on skill and amount of power).

Say you are on a transportation vessel, and war breaks out between your empire and its neighbor. The transport vessel is commandeered by the military but has no weapons on board. You and two others on board are able to transmute so you move a large block/chunk of iron up on deck and the three of you (maybe even need help from a mage for power) transmutes the block of iron into a large cannon.

It would also be good for those who are terrible at forging and blacksmith, to be able to create high yield weapons. The quality, of course, depends on the transmutation skills of said seed.


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    Well if there is going to be a transmutation system, I only hope it will come with a cost. I never really liked the concept behind the Equivalent Exchange mod for Minecraft. It was too OP because of all that equivalence. Where you were able to, once you've got yourself proper devices, transmute iron to diamonds back and forth with no cost whatsoever.
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    Well I think if it would be like in Fullmetal Alchemist, that would be good. You need to be High level to do anything big.
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    I don't feel like losing any arms and legs thank you. :S
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    Rendking... I think you are loosing sight of the big picture. It's not about loosing arms or legs, it's about gaining awesome robotic limbs.

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    it's about gaining awesome robotic limbs.

    Very ture ;)
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    I am a HUGE alchemist when it comes to games! I'm always brewing TONS of potions to up my stats and transmuting junk into flint and sticks for my arrows. I was really glad when I saw alchemy as the first stretch goal because that would mean we would see it a lot sooner even if it wouldn't be as advanced!
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    Just as long as they don't make the mistake 99% of other games make. There is more to alchemy than potions. Potions are only a SMALL part of alchemy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against potions and potion brewing, because they do belong to alchemy, but there is so much more to it than that.
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    In Spiral Knights, all the entire crafting is simply called alchemy (because you're transmutating materials into a sowrd, or a sword and some materials into a better sword) c:
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    Potion of aging.... :3
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