I demand a refund.

darkhogdarkhog REGISTERED Posts: 14 Seed
What I've paid $30 for on your Kickstarter was a wonderful game. A game that was essentially Minecraft, but better. Better tool system, better Procgen, in-world crafting (think Minecraft's golems, but for everything).

This abomination is NOT that game.

Seriously, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the game, design-wise. All the issues like lag were related to the tech and could be ironed out in time.

If I would want to play simplistic base-building action game with poorly implemented RPG elements, I'd play Fallout 4.

Give my 30 US dollars back or deliver the game you promised. The choice is yours.

Oh, here's my Steam account so you can see I actually own the game. http://steamcommunity.com/id/darkhog/games/?tab=all


  • darkhogdarkhog REGISTERED Posts: 14 Seed
    Thanks you for responding to my post in a timely fashion /s.

    Seriously though, don't expect me to buy any of your products in the future. You're no better than Code}{atch, another company who done crowdfunding, then purposefully broke their game (StarForge) so that "end product" (if you even can call it that) was nothing like what was promised. And I don't mean in an entitled sorta way where game was close enough like it was the case with No Man's Sky and could be fixed with few patches, but it was literally unlike what was shown during crowdfunding campaign.

    If I wanted a survival in a static world, I'd play fucking Ark. The thing you've shown in the video above is NOT what I've bought TUG for.

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    Hi @darkhog, I've contacted you via e-mail.
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