Unbiased Tester Wanted!!!!! <3

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Attention all Nerd Bots!!! I need your help. I need some wonderful subjects to help me test out this idea for a book I am writing. So here's what I need: A series of averages to be calculated for a complex series of math implanted in the back of a story. However, I want to understand the natural flow and incorporate a little entropy into my results. So I need Unbiased Testers. All you need is 3d20, 3d8, 3d6, Basic Math Skills, Patience, and Awesomeness! Please only use real dice please, no digital!!! ^_^

Start with 0 and Roll every combination of Dice with no less than one D20, and maximum of all 9 Dice, and write down the result (even negatives). Do this a large number of times (I'd love you so much if it's 50-100+), and average all results together (I think there are 42 possible combinations, but I may be off), and give me your average. I will then average all averages I get (Unbiased Results) and compare it with the results I collected in my immediate area (Biased Results).

Here's the Chart for the Math:
d20 -1 d8 -1 d6 +1
+1 -1 +1
-2 -2 +2
+2 -2 +2
-3 -3 0
+3 -3 0
-4 0
+4 0

Thank you for all who help me in this little project.
Forever Yours, Trinity
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