Concerns about the game

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(Sorry for my lake english, it isn't my native language)

Dear Devs,

I hope you will read it and take it to your attention.

First I want to say that the game is one the best indie survival game that I played and very enjoyed it.

Now, I have some concerns about the game. (yes I know you are working on the game).
First, I can tell you that all of the negetive reviews and the fury posts that wrote in steam, was happened because the follwing reasons:
1. The low frequency of game updates.
When I started to play the game, you update the game once a month.
After a while, you slowed the frequency updates and you released updates for 3-4 months.
2. Lack of communication with the community. (at least on steam)
When you slowed the frequency updates and after you stopped the updates for working on the new version, you barely communicate with the peoples who bought the game. This thing made people very confused about the game and have many concens that you ran with the money that they paid. (especially when you post about if the game going to be F2P or not).

Because of these two reasons, you lost almost all community of the game, you get negative reviews and alienate the people that gonna buy the game.
You can fix it by communication. You need to post a summary once a week\two week\month on your website\forum\steam forum about what finnished, what you are working now, what things you have left, what things you stuck on and etc. That's how people know that you are working on the game and didn't abandoned it.

I hope that you take it to your attention.

Best regards,


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    hey, good to see the feedback.

    Pretty sure NK is aware of the two issues you've raised. NK is still interacting with the community but on a smaller scale via the discord channel. You might like to check it out.

    Programmer, designer, artist.
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    MWA HA HA HA, the seeds of my return has been sown!!
    The Machine is on....


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    @AlimaBen, I mentioned several months ago that NerdKingdom will need to post regular updates and participate in the community of their customers to have any chance of TUG pulling out of its incredible bad-review spiral at Steam. I got told that regular updates were too much effort or took too much time; they didn't seem to think it was worth the bother.

    Half-hour a week, I said. They said it'd take much more than that, I didn't understand how complicated it was, and it wouldn't be useful. Apparently they'd rather that most of their past buyers just forgot the game exists.

    The new version is supposed to be ready in "late December 2016." There's 5 weeks left for that. Since the Discord channel is getting "leaks" with names like "first pass animation debugging," I have doubts that the game will be anything like "done" by the end of the year.

    If it is on track to be re-released on schedule, the time to start announcing it would be now. (Or six months ago with regular updates, but that's not an option.)
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