Remove some thread clutter? :D

CustosAeternamCustosAeternam REGISTERED Posts: 77 Seed
I am currently redoing the style/layout for the Organization/Settlement list and I want to know if it is possible to remove all the clutter.
Basically, I would like all but the first post to be removed if possible.
I know you guys are busy, so if it is possible don't worry about it until you have some time to spare. If it isn't possible then I guess I will deal with it until it is possible.
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  • ValidifyedValidifyed REGISTERED Posts: 612 Seed
    I for one would not be all that against a complete archiving and resetting of all the forums (Or some of them) at some point. Possibly when the game enters more of a "Beta" phase, which by all means could be in the next few months.
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