Solutions for intensive server-side calculations?

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I was wondering if any of you folks at NK had thoughts on technologies that could work the burden of having a responsive server whilst still being able to perform intense calculations such as handling an abundance of AI or generating terrain whilst not putting a stress on players elsewhere in the game world that are far away from the lag causing issue/s?

So you've got a multiplayer server running!
Congrats; with all those players online and doing their tuggy business, you ought to have a lot of processing to do in a short time for each player if you want to keep them happy and your server lag free!

So how do you handle such a heavy workload?
There are probably lots of technical things you can do such as multi threading or adjusting tick rates but at the end of the day you'll probably end up falling short unless you splash out on a 64 core CPU or something extravagant.

GPGPU (General Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units)
GPGPU is a lovely acronym for using a graphics card to complete massive repetitive tasks that would cost a pretty second on the CPU by breaking it up and completing it in parallel on the graphics hardware, freeing up a lot of time for the CPU to do other stuff such as making sure your pet goat isn't dead or whatnot; keeping your experience at least somewhat more lag free.

Sounds great, how do I get it on my server?
For obvious reasons, GPGPU shouldn't be a default requirement of a server due to it requiring a graphics card of some modern significance. Unfortunately, GPGPU isn't magic and would require a significant portion of it to be written into key areas of the server, such as terrain generation textures and other areas.

And some links to technology for GPGPU

OpenCL seems like a good bet considering it's cross platform and open nature.

How will the server back-end be handled for TUG?
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