My Ideas Thread Section VII: Alchemical Recipies Pg. 1

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#1: Bright Bloom (inspired by Thaumcraft)

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The bright bloom is crafted at an alchemy table with grass seeds and a Neuria crystal. When crafted, the seed will take 25% of the crystal's Neuria. When planted, the bright bloom will charge the local Neuria positively. Also, another bright bloom seed will grow on the top of the plant, when harvested however, the plant will immediately die (in order to prevent players from duplicating) However, if you add more charge to the seed when crafting, it will give more seeds before it dies. (one seed per 25% charge) This can be done up to 5 times.

The bloom seed can also be mashed up into Bright Neuria powder, which can be used to make Neuria potions.

#2: Dark Bloom

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The Dark bloom behaves almost the exact same way as the Bright bloom, but charges the Neuria negatively instead of positively. Also, when you grind up it's seed, it doesn't give you tainted neuria powder outright, it instead gives tainted mush (tainted mush also comes from harvesting plants and mobs in the taint) To craft tainted neuria powder, craft regular nueria powder with tainted mush.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now.
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