My Ideas Thread section VII: Decoration Items Pg. 1

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#1: Goat skin rug

The goat skin rug is a decoration item (obviously). The goat skin rug is crafted with 1 goat pelt, 2 goat horns, 1 goat skull, and 1 type of glue/slime substance (to glue the horns onto the skull.

Decorative items like this would also imply different types of furs, rugs, head mounts, and other trophys from different types of mobs, the harder it is to get your hands on a certain type of mob/fur/trophy, the more valuable it is. When a player crafts these type of items and displays them, they testify of the player's hunting ability. Also, the different types of furs/trophys would also create a kind of economy for hunters. With harder to get furs/trophys/clothing being more expensive than other furs/trophys.
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