My Ideas Thread section IV: Weapons Pg 1.

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#1: Crude claws.

Crude claws are basically a wolverine-like assassin's weapons. It's worn on the hand slot and crafted with 1 piece of chopped wood, two vines, and 3 saber-cat teeth. You can also craft a poisonous set of claws by adding a potion of poison to it. (Speaking of poison, here's a link to my suggestion of a different way TUG should handle poison effects. )

#2: Crude whip.

The crude whip is a basic weapon crafted with a forked stick, 1 regular vine, and 1 green thorny vine. You probably know what the whip does so I won't get into details.

#3: Crude lance

The crude lance is a basic thrusting weapon crafted with 1 wood shaft, 1 goat horn, and 3 sets of regular vines.

#4: Bronze lance

Same as the crude lance, but much cooler looking.

#5: JUDGEMENT GALACTICA (Admin-Only Weapon)

Forged in the heart of a dying star, a weapon of legendary proportions awaits to judge those who cause much grief.
The name of the sword, JUDGEMENT GALACTICA.

This sword can only be gained through cheat codes that only high-ranking admins can use. It is used to punish griefers by inflicting 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 points of slicing damage. (Basically an OP insta-kill weapon) It can also kill players that are in creative mode. (I plan on making a suggestion page about admin-only tools, weapons, and armor sets at some point in the future.)
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