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Mythos is a HUGE deal in what we create, not just because it creates amazing characters, and worlds, but because a sense of place, is paramount when focussing on various aspects of immersion... We spent hours discussing where things fit, who made it, and why. And things can be thrown out, if it doesn't have its place in the world, be it from art, or design.

The goal of TUG v1, had always been about introducing content in ages, much for the reason of limited funding/resources. Crude, bronze, industrial, etc... however v2, a lot of that is getting wrapped into one world... and who you are, as well as what you see, will change.

We have spent a lot of time building a timeline, overarching powers, the relationships or those powers, and the impact those relationships would have on the world, as well as the general users experience. And the world you will see in version 2 of TUG, will not be the world you saw in version 2. Your character, your method of creation, your means to survive, will all be different, but the world you exist in, will reference the version one of the world you have all experienced in some form. In this sense, you are in a different place in the timeline, and you will see references to when it was, or when it will be.

We will take the time to share those changes as we start to visualize more of the engine/game, and we can also share the impact of those changes, as they pertain to gameplay. Its a world that is both fantastic, and memorable, and i'm very much excited to start introducing it to you all. It will be equally as excited, to watch you all peel back the layers, and see how both of the worlds are connected, and what that realization means.

Many of these decisions are about streamlining the process of play, making crafting, building, and discovering, more streamlined and simplified. So that we can focus the complexity of the world itself, allowing players to decide on what to do next, instead of how the F%*k to make a sword, or a pumpkin cauldron. And as much as it is about helping progress gameplay, its also about us flexing our new graphics, and gorgeous art style.

With all the time we had to learn from what was done right, and wrong in v1, and the amount of investment/interest we have gained from the outside, we now have the opportunity to create something that has the potential to rival our most powerful experiences. More than this, we are able to do it with an incredibly powerful platform, that will allow others to become more involved in the process of creation, or simply make their own content, to easily share, and discover... and do it all independent of outside platforms like steam, if we so choose.
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    A grand future is upon us, I hope.
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    So you didn't just bin two years of work? You didn't just sack half your staff, more than once?

    This isn't just smoke and mirrors and you have some kind of game to actually demonstrate?

    Sorry ino mate, but your writing style simply reeks of bullshit.
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    @Deadlock989 I am not sure where you get the comment about hacking our staff in half more than once... its true it did happen once, because we had an investor trying to take over the project, and we decided to not let him do that, and sacrificed ourselves from stopping that. But we ended up bringing them back, months later.

    Since that time, we have grown from that 20 man team, to about 50 developers, all working on various aspect of the project, to make it better than it once was. We now have more artists, more designers, more gameplay programmers, more engineers... all working on something that is meant to give a lot more power to modders, better quality content/experience to players, and better insights to us as a studio, into what does and doesn't work.

    I had hoped to wait a couple of months to really demonstrate the things we have been up to, but I suppose when our own community at home (our own forums) feel inclined to express this sort of sentiment, some reconsiderations are in order.

    It is true that we stopped working on the previous version of TUG in DX11, its something we learned a lot from, and had plans for with a very limited budget. But with so many investors now involved, we saw that we could accomplish more. The decision was: Split team up to continue supporting V1 of TUG, or move everyone into V2 of TUG and have more to show for it when its ready. I made the call to choose the latter, knowing full well it would create turmoil. We could have slammed all the content we promised into TUG at bare minimum, and called the Kickstarter complete. But instead, I felt it would have shown greater dedication to the community if we made something stronger than what we currently had.

    I HATE sounding like a broken record here, and I know that I do, but keep in mind, we aren't just using unity, or unreal, or cryengine, we are building something from the ground up, that meets some very specific needs, not just for us, but for all of you as a community. Many studios can build a product and it take them 3-5 years, many using existing engines. We are not only building the game, but the engine, and everything that it entails, and all in a platform that supports everything the community needs to build and share content.

    I've said this on steam, perhaps its worth repeating here, but why do you think I would be taking the time to push vaporware? It would have been SO much easier to have just taken millions from investors, slammed content into TUG v1 and called it "good enough", so long as we hit all our goals and just move on to something different. It would have been just as easy to NOT have uprooted my wife and three kids under 5, from our home in LA to come to texas a year ago, in order to guarantee investors I would be here to see this done. Or to not leave behind my oldest son, who I have never been away from for this long. Or ask my children to not grow up around their cousins, grandparents, and friends back home. Or actually spend time with my wife and kids during the day, or the weekend, instead of being in the office from 6 to 7 nearly every day, not being able to share a meal with my wife and children, with my 7th day being so tired, I lack the energy to even do anything fun with my children. It all would be so much easier to NOT be here, replying to comments like the above, that genuinely hurt, when my team, and my own family, are making sacrifices every day, to make sure we make the most amazing thing we can for our community, and for ourselves.

    Honestly, man, this sort of reply isn't like me... I don't bring in personal life into this stuff... but i'm getting close to burnout. My team and my family deserve better from me, and its so hard with so many little things just chipping away at you. The suck thing is I genuinely give a shit, which is why these sorts of things do impact me... I often can take a step back, grab a drink, breathe, and think it through, and say "ya know, maybe i'm just missing something, or I am doing something wrong"... but I think this all needs to be said now... so much has happened in all our lives to even have gotten this far, things that people would not even believe, that would make an empathetic man cry, or an anxious man's stomach knot up in pain, but they are part of our legacy.

    We are people, busting our asses, because we GENUINELY want to share something awesome with you all. There is a good reason why we are able to consistently raise money, with investors that dig DEEP into what we are doing, what we are capable of, and where this is going. And there is a good reason why even MORE investors are now here offering us more to be sure we can take this even further. If you need proof of that, check our SEC filing http://www.formds.com/issuers/nerd-kingdom-inc

    That amount may seem like a lot, but comparative to what we are doing, its not. Specifically, because what we are building is not just some clone of a blocky game with pixel art. It's something BRILLIANT developers work tirelessly on, day and night, to be sure its something we can be proud of, and make our mark.

    In the next month or two, I am going to be hiring on someone who is going to dig deep into what we are doing, and his full time job, is taking our daily meeting notes, bi weekly sprint notes, engine progress, art progress, design discussions, etc, and pump them outwards, so people can see things were going on. I did my best to communicate we were going to have some silence for a while, while we ramped up the new tech, but that grace period is very apparently diminishing, so ill look to getting this dude ramped up ASAP. Still, don't expect day of, to have some glorious communication plan... its gonna take him some time to find the best way of externalize some very internal processes.

    I am uploading a video right now, with our Q3 tech demo stuff, and ill post it to this forum, and a description to manage expectations, and explain, very clearly, what is reasonable for 9 months of work (which is very much NOT an OMGSOAWESOMEPEWPEWLEET game engine ready to ship, but does some incredibly powerful things). Also, ill put up some art stuffs too.

    Also, forgive any editing that did not occur... its saturday.... im at the office, behind on my own work, and there is lots to do. I am sure the above is fairly clear without worrying for typos.
    I am a Dev on TUG, and I does teh science

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    Nice to see you take the time to respond like this to a obvious troll even though you are very busy. I would of just told him to fuck off.
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