What should we expect with the Engine Rewrite?

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So far, most of the few of us that are still around are eager on the engine rewrite update (why of course).
Now my question is: when that update hits, what should we expect to get from it (performace, new stuff in general)? And how is development ideally going to be like after that?


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    Great question. To add to it, I am also very curious to know what we should expect as far as "official" expansions to the game go. Will we see "packs" of new, NK-created content from time to time?
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    I don't want to get too detailed into it quite yet, so I apologize for some of the vagueness that I'm about to drop. But one of the main reasons we wanted to do an engine revamp was to remove the DX 11 req. Some of the other issues we encountered were that some systems were taking too long to implement due to some engine and game system code being too entwined which tended to cause many additional bugs and increase dev time.

    We simply could have been doing some of these much better, so we are taking the time to revamp many systems to make it much better to use for ourselves and any potential modders in the future. It is essentially an entirely new engine which we hope will translate to more players per server, better performance, a larger draw radius, etc. (*knocks on wood).

    Once we reach a point where we can start reintroducing gameplay elements in, we'll start rolling out with an iterative release cycle again similar to how we did it in the past.

    Note our Designers have also been busy, so some game features will have changed/evolved. The engine itself will still support all the previous features we had. So when we finally start releasing things to you all, there's going to be a mix of new and old stuff. Unfortunately, I'll have to ask you all to bear with us longer before we start ramping up with more detailed info.
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    My appreciations for the answer. Hope it all goes as you want it to go.
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    That answer above should tell you all you need to know.

    NOTHING. Nothing to show. It is just a bunch of basement hipsters pissing about with no clue.

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    Funny how if you click through to the Twitters of all the people listed on this page:


    Most of them haven't tweeted anything at all for a year. Most of the rest haven't tweeted anything about TUG for six months. The few that have, have just re-tweeted pics from Inoritewtf of people sitting in a room.

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    Now, now. Since when did a portal from the Steam Forums to ours open?
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    Since a couple of hundred Steam players got robbed. Payback time, motherfuckers
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    It is impossible to understand that logic.
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    *shrug* Your problem pal
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    It's the Starbound fallacy once again.
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    I'm not familiar with that game. Did they also lie and rip people off after making a load of promises they couldn't fulfil? Did they also hush up the sale of their firm to a Chinese mobile gaming company?
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    I'll take that as a "no, they didn't, this is completely different".
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    "We're not not going to make the game we promised. But." And the "but" kind of peters out into a spiral of bullshit.

    There are three possibilities at this point.

    1. The new Chinese controllers of NK, who we have taken great care in not naming until now, have dictated the direction and all this talk of consulting with the community is just a front, just a hipster psychologist's take on damage limitation. This is going F2P like it or lump it, and there will be some ludicrous attempt at monetising mods like some fucked up version of Amazon Turk for modders, and then it'll crash and burn and everyone involved will be a laughing stock except the many, many staff who seem to have completely disappeared (like, really, it's freaky, check all the Twitter accounts and blogs, it's like they all just stopped in July 2015. Maybe they were all just bots)

    2. This guy Salinas is having some kind of nervous breakdown and is actually homeless and there is no workplace. He filmed all this bullshit from his car because he LIVES in the car. The "leaks" are from 2013-2014 when there actually was a team left and they were still having stand-ups and direction meetings and tinking with post-it notes.

    3. I'm wrong and this is the one Early Access project in a hundred which will succeed, not in spite of but BECAUSEof all the hipster entrepreneurial technolect and trail of broken promises and inexplicable flip-flopping direction changes, because we can all name a string of games that have done these things and didn't die a hilarious death. Like ... oh wait no we can't.
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