Will magic be absolutely necessary for progression?

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I was wondering if to progress in TUG you would be forced to use magic, or if you could use an alternative scientific route. (Example: Instead of using a return stone, you could build a sci-fi teleporter)

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    I assume, from what I remember from their old introductory videos, that for something like, say, a (literal) 3rd person camera, you would have to obtain it by either a spell or machinery.

    I'd say that the answer would be on the lines of both a yes and a no. With the closest to non-magic being simply "using items that are magic by nature like a normal component for a device"; but then again, I do not know how is it truly going to be.


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    You could do both but perhaps you were asking about how vanilla TUG would be?
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    There's no game. You can do whatever you like. It's all make believe. Eventually you'll be able to "play" this "game" without even turning on your computer. You'll just rock back and forth in the corner of the shower in a growing pool of your own waste.
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