Done trying to Defend TUG on Steam forums... too many trolls and naysayers

Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel Posts: 191 Seed
I just don't have it in me any more to keep being nice/polite in responding to those trolls, most of which have not even played TUG but rather troll it because they hate the words Early Access and Free to Play.

I've decided that it is foolish to waste my time, explaining facts and information as we've known it to people too egotistical to stop, read, and think.

I'm tired.
I am done.

I am still on these forums, but good grief Steam is horrible.


  • CharlockCharlock Posts: 293 Seed
    Agreed. There are people on that forum that are there with the sole purpose of arguing.

    Steam is a toxic community, at best and it's not worth the effort.
    "I’ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library."
  • WingidonWingidon Posts: 1,128 Seed
    A few rotten apples spoil the bunch. Can't have decent popularity in any decently-going Early Access after whatever scams have happened.
  • CobellCobell Posts: 84 Developer
    I think you deserve a medal for lasting as long as you did.
  • CharlockCharlock Posts: 293 Seed
    Cobell said:

    I think you deserve a medal for lasting as long as you did.

    NK forum badge? "I Survived Steam EA."
    "I’ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library."
  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel Posts: 191 Seed
    Hehe :)
    thanks folks :)
    this is a breath of fresh air after all that hate and garbage on steam.
  • RawrRawr Posts: 508 Seed
    I hope there's gonna be a point where those forums have more going for them.
    Alas, for the moment I'm done with them too.
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  • WingidonWingidon Posts: 1,128 Seed
    edited June 2016
    Well, here we have seen it. The "Starbound Fallacy" I mentioned before somewhere else in a different post (this specific post relates quite directly to what happened, so I'm dropping this here), I feel like it would be a good idea to clarify what I meant by it. So, gather up, and listen to my story.

    Basically, years ago, when Starbound released in Early Access on Steam, people was... quite happy about it, to put it simply. But what happened later? The game didn't have many updates for a long-ish while. Eventually, people started to claim it was a scam and all of that, and be generally rude to those who didn't agree (no need to put examples, it's literally what we've just seen this weekend and Monday); basically, the community had loads of people with those beliefs. They remained like that, no matter how many actual game updates did they put right in front of their noses (at least until lately, where their only thing left to complain about was "game has taken too long to make").

    Jokes on them, Starbound's going to finally release soon.

    I guess it's good for us to keep in mind what happened back then. TUG's devs clearly seem to love what they do, and it's likely that they will make it happen.
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