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So there are some things I remember about KS campaign that I can't find the info for anymore [might not be looking in right place]. These are all things I [think...] I read or saw on the vids. If someone can let me know if the info is correct [or if they are still a thing...], that would be awesome. I'm also going to be drawing conclusions based on some of similar games.

Crafting is going to be done as mini games? I thought I read a reference to Free Realms somewhere? I miss that game :frown:

Bosses will have weak/break/cuttable points like Monster Hunter?

Craftable/Discoverable items that change gameplay like adding HUD options? [Map, HP/SP, ect]

Civilization building, how will it work?

Civilization discovery - AI people? Guessing Seeds are player characters only?

How will the game be inspired by EVE? Accepting trade requests from AI would be fun.

Players will be able to play music?

On not being able to see gear stats, "at least not without the proper tools". Does that mean there will be an item in game that will be able to detect gear stats? Be useful for a blacksmith player.

Also on gear, will blacksmiths be able to customize gear, maybe make their own blueprints for swords and armor that are very ornate [with good enough vid card] or with sweeping angles for everyone to see? Gear is fun and looking unique is always great.

Again with gear. In the Drizzt books, Bruenor created Aegis Fang and that was his greatest accomplishment. He etched runes in it and prayed for blessings, and it was an amazing weapon with magic strength. So the question is, will players be able to enchant weapons? Also, along the same thought, what will decide what makes a more powerful weapon?
For the sake of progression and immersion, shouldn't it be the same as real life? The more you do something, the better you are at that. But for immersion, shouldn't players be able to handcraft what they make, be it weapons, armor, food, cloths, sculptures, dishware, ect?

Alright... last question. This one only has one thing to do with campaign info, immersion.
For the best immersion possible, VR makes absolute sense. The HTC Vive's controllers seem like they would work perfectly with this game, and the first person perspective already in the game makes it seem like a no brainer.
I'm a big fan of the book 'Ready Player One' and realllllly want an Oasis type of game. TUG will probably never be that game but it sure would be nice.

Any plans for Vive support?


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    Monster hunter type bosses with weak points is not something we specifically ever discussed, though it will admittedly be cool. The concept of monster hunter that we are tied to come in terms of the visual consistency of things. Kill things for parts, etc.

    On crafting, maybe a minigame is not the best description, but there will certainly be some ways of altering the output of what you are crafting. @Nekochu and I have been discussing some interesting things that revolve around logic and industry in the game world. But we are some time away from getting that implemented.

    Items that introduce UI elements is still something we are pushing in some form. Creating maps, points of interest, navigation, etc. Still a bit early on some other design stuff before we dig into this, however.

    Building of civs or groups is gonna be something we will demonstrate later, not fun to talk about when we can show it in the future. Dually beneficial, dont wanna get stuck in one idea of it, when there are so many great ideas that emerge with development and discussions with you all.

    Yea, players being able to somehow make sounds/music in game is a logical thing in a sandbox environment meant for experimentation and play. But its not priority over some other early systems.

    The more eve inspired things, like economy and trade, will happen further down the line, after we get larger things accomplished. And it would make no sense to try to define that quite yet, when we need to see how people play and "behave" in the game. With some early testing, we can start to play with a few things. But to your comment on AI, yea, this will have something to do with it. We have big plans with what AI and simulation can do in the game world for everyone.

    As for how crafting is going to function, and how, we need room to experiment. Saying something too early on right now, will make it difficult for us to play with things as we develop. But as soon as we get into that part of design for this new engine (version 2) we will share it, likely in the form of mods or test servers, etc.

    The bottom line on all this, is that our vision is still very near what we had previously discussed, in regard to what we want the player to feel and experience. Certainly, some things may change in the game, as a result of us now having access to more devs, and our technology now advancing as it has. but we will share those things as they start to come online.
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    Love the idea for kill things for parts!

    Excited to see where you all decide to take crafting and UI, I'm sure no matter what it is, it will be awesome!

    Civs, trading, economy, I get it's not there yet. Excited for the future of TUG!

    Crafting.... oooh crafting~ My favorite thing in games is being able to craft. It's one of the main things that kept me playing WoW and EVE, and one of my favorite things about certain Minecraft mods.
    My hope is that I'll be able to mainly be a crafter in the finished product.

    Soooo excited for version 2!!! I saw the leak on Twitter and it looks amazing! So clean and colorful!!

    Seriously, love NK! You are all awesome!!! And thank you so much for responding, Ino!!!
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    @Ino - If I understand you correctly: Rather than tell us what you want to develop and ask for our opinion of game play, you want to create something and then see what players DO with it. If this is correct, it is brilliant! People THINK that they know what they want, but they often don't. What they say and what they do are two entirely different things. But I'm sure you already know that. You're a social/behavioral scientist, if I remember your brain vomit correctly.
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