Changing the way poison works. (New unique game mechanic)

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In most games, poison effects are just minor inconveniences that hang around for a minute or two, drain some of your health, then go away. I suggest that TUG should try something new.

Instead of poison just hanging around for a minute, then going away, instead, poison should last for an in-game day or two (or maybe even a week, depending on the type of poison.) Over the period of time, the poison slowly leeches your health, if it goes on for too long, you'll die. Some poisons will just go away after a day, allowing you to heal, or they'll stay for a long time. Some poisons would also leech your health faster than others. This feature would add a bit of uniqueness to TUG and make poison an actual threat.

You would also be able to cure poison by brewing antidotes at the cauldron that help to combat the effects of poison.

I think this would add a bit more challenge and realism to TUG that would make the game unique from other games.

Well, that's all I've got for now. Hope you guys like the idea and that it will be added to the game.


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    Organic game mechanics, that's the way to go!
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    And a use for all those mushrooms.
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  • WingidonWingidon REGISTERED Posts: 1,128 Seed
    Use AND danger.
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    That sounds like a great thing for TUG! :chuffed:
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    The corpse pitcher plant would be another great source for poisons and antidotes. I love/hate those things! I love the danger of deadly plants, but they killed my pet baby goat once. :(
    Some call me... Terella.

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