Procedural Music?

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Back in the kickstarter campaign the team said that music would be proceduraly generated. With the wind starting of the tune and depending on which biome you're in, sounds would pile on to create more tunes. Or something like that. Is this still going to be implemented or did you guys scrap the idea?

And if this is still going to be implemented, how long will it be until it is?


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    I don't think they got to it yet, but if you listen, like at night, and morning, there are some distinctive tones that come alive in the ambient background sounds.
    I don't know if you are famiiar much or at all with Lord of the Rings Online, but it has a music system ( which Starbound attempted to mimmick also ) where you use the abc music system ( a freeware code ) to create and share midi structured songs via text. the code is pretty workable.

    Anyways, in lotro, you can syncronize musical instruments with your fellowship and play very good music, with lute, theorbo, harp, flute, horn, clarinet, pibgorn, bagpipes, and cowbell, ( 2 types of lute, and 2 types of harp actually and 2 types of cowbell ) So you can create and play some very rich music with instruments that would have been used in Middle Earth.

    Once a week, my kinship and i get together, and play music, anywhere from Zepplin, Metallica, to classical, and older rock ( no country music though hehe )
    but saying all this,
    I would love it if TUG would adopt this too, because it would create a community, and it would become a very lively community.
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    I'm still very passionate about sound in our game but you're right, we haven't really gotten into it yet. With the current update to the entire engine code, we have been able to develop a much more customized sound engine but getting to the ultimate goal is still in the future.
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    It's too ambitious to be done already, but at least it can be done, when the time becomes right.

    I suppose that having a bard in a group can have that lovely interest, just adding that tune to the world...

    ...or perharps making the world around him follow his tune instead, as he commands it?
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