My stubby legs

egorkegork Posts: 139 Seed
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Why is my character so slow at running? It's not age. My wife started a new character to prove to me that it was something having to do with me or my computer. My running speed after playing for days was about her walking speed as a new seed. Other players have noticed it too. Is there some extra slow setting somewhere? Some slider bar that I missed in options? Is this a bug or something having to do with my computer?


  • WingidonWingidon Posts: 1,128 Seed
    Maybe you're eating too much and running slower due to the new belly you've obtained?
  • egorkegork Posts: 139 Seed
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    My picture is not fat. I often forget to eat and start going, "Ow Ow!" then when I do eat I don't overfill the slider. I ususally stop eating at 2 pumpkins and two seeds
  • WingidonWingidon Posts: 1,128 Seed
    I see, so it's not due to a not yet implemented mechanic.
  • egorkegork Posts: 139 Seed
    My computer has many idiosyncrasies. Maybe my wife and I should switch computers long enough to see if it is my computer. I assume if that's the case then I would be faster.
  • CobellCobell Posts: 84 Developer
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    Hmm, that is very odd. I'd be curious to know anything different as far as PC and game settings between you and your wife.

    And as an additional: Are either of you playing with mods or have edited any gamefiles?
  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel Posts: 191 Seed
    those tiles, for grass maybe turn those down?
    I know when I have it up too high I feel like I am walking in tar
  • egorkegork Posts: 139 Seed
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    Edit game does one laugh at oneself? No, I don't edit game files. It's me. It freaked out my internist when he tried to pull up lab results and the file wasn't known until I said. "Oh the problem is that I'm too close to the computer.

    He laughed derisively and in vain tapped at the thing without results until I asked, "are you done trying?"

    His sneer turned to incomprehension when I rolled away and said,. "now try it." and then it worked. It's like a 5 foot radius thing.

    generally computers, copiers, fax simply don't work right. They don't like me

    Now plants on the other hand do wonderously. I actually had a government guy show up asking what fertilizer I put on the fields because things that should take 50-100 years to mature are setting cones after only 1-5 years. It's not fertilizer. It's me. Great for gardening, terrible for computer stuff
  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel Posts: 191 Seed
    when you launch the game, go to options, and move your slider at the bottom of the video options to about 9. It gives enough tall grasses to make things interesting but reduces them enough to free up some computer resources.
    I think this should help.
    If it doesn't pop over to the alchemy shop, in the first basket at the door is a potion of speed, maybe that will help? :)
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