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I dropped by one of the steam forum discussions that I hadn't til now and noticed Ino drop this:
We recently had an internal discussion about looking at the modding community as a sort of "AB" test environment, when criteria is met from mods (update frequency, support, etc), we could then fund/publish a separate version of that mod as DLC. In this case, it would allow us to find developers that do great work, and give them support to really clean up those mods, and make them into near AAA content, which could alternately be sold as DLC. Of course, that mod would still exist, but the DLC would exist as an option with a few extra bits (perhaps custom art or something).
If anyone out there who played minecraft with mods, what Ino has said totally speaks to one of the issues I had. The inconsistencies within/between the mods art.... ugh... and texture packs were nice but they'd basically highlight a modded object because it usually didn't fit in.

Now continuing with the cosmetic monetization scheme discussion for TUG, if there was a darker moody art style buy-able in some shop, I'd love to see any new "official" mod carter for that style.
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