Wrestling with the TUG folder

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It's something thats been on my mind for a bit, maybe too long.

It's three things really.
1 - Finding old code and not knowing it is.
2 - Organisation and categorization.
3 - Wanting to make changes to the TUG/Game/Core folder.
Part of the third thing is when I realize I've found old code/files, I want to make the changes.

I had the thought of putting TUG/Game in a github LFS somewhere which would give me the ability to branch and offer up changes to be merged as well as giving a decent channel for bug/issue tracking (as appose to forums) ... but that'd need to be an official movement otherwise I feel any efforts would be futile.

The other option is to put all changes inside of a mod and try draw peoples attention to it. Doing so kind of ignores the potential benefits from setting up an official repo/pipeline for such things.

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