[0.8.9] Mod Script hooks

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I did a little bit of searching around because I was wondering about why a modscript function like ModifyBiomeData would be raised. The answer is that there are currently three functions/hooks like this.
ModifyBiomeData			- NativeClasses.lua
LocalPlayerReady		- TUGGameMode.lua
PostLoad				- Postinitialize.lua
Not so much a tutorial yet but worth sharing.
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    There is also the callback system (EternusEngine.CallbackManager)

    Raising a callback:
    	local callbackRet = EternusEngine.CallbackManager:Callback("CALLBACK_NAME", self, ...)
    if callbackRet.status == EternusEngine.ECallbackAction.Abort then
    Registering for a callback:
    EternusEngine.CallbackManager:RegisterCallback("CALLBACK_NAME", target, "TARGET_FUNC")

    And there are 2 callbacks in the Core:
    • SurvivalPlacementInput:ProcessGhostObjectOverride
    • SurvivalPlacementLogic:ServerEvent_PlaceAt
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