Equipable.lua and forums code formatting

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One suggestion for the script.
One question for the script.
function Equipable:DefaultPrimaryAction( args )
	if not args.targetObj then
		--Why is self:CanToolAffectMaterial not called here?
	elseif self:CanToolAffectObject(args.targetObj) then
	--Could we please remove the word Tool from both function names.

One suggestion for the forums formatting.
Change the default for code sections to
pre class="CodeBlock"
	--because tabs/spaces might be a thing we'd want to preserve.
or simply because it looks better.

Furthermore, to even know about second formatting, you'd need to have selected multiple lines before pressing the code formatting button. I on the other hand, wanted to make the code section first, then copy paste in my code...
Was slightly baffled for a moment :(
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