The File system.

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Anybody else interested in making changes to the design of the file system?

Though I may be the only one dismayed by this.
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    I think my main qualm with the file system is the use of the words EquipableObject, PlaceableObject and any inconsistencies within grouping files/folders.

    An example would be the Return Stone object. It's model is Models/PlaceableObjects/Refined/returnstone.obj, It's script is Scripts/Objects/ReturnStone.lua.

    That's fine right? IMO no.

    Starting with the model. Ask yourself, do I need to identify this model as a placeableobject or would it be more useful to go straight to Refined?
    If anyone reading this does graph theory, this is about moving towards a minimum weighted tree.

    The script. Oh gosh the script. If my question about the model folders didn't spark anything in you, the script will. But first, I like where it's at - Scripts/Objects/ReturnStone.lua is a nice file path. The only thing that might need to happen here (but later on) is to group these scripts into subfolders.
    Back to the real question here. How does the script define itself?
    ReturnStone = Equipable.Subclass("ReturnStone")
    Oh!? so this thing that has it's model within a PlaceableObject folder is actually described as an EquipableObject. so ... umm ... where's the EquipableObjects folder within the models folder?

    Further still, the Equipable.lua script is actually a subclass of PlaceableObject.lua script. So if the models folder was being consistent with the description, it would actually look like this Models/PlaceableObjects/EquipableObjects/Refined/returnstone.obj

    This is the reason why I made this post. My vote is that we don't continue like this.
    Good design means lots.
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