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In my 0.8.7 Feedback post I mentioned high/low engery actions bond to left and right mouse buttons. I'm going to withdraw the latter part of that idea on the basis that when TUG gets into camera augmentation, I and others will most probably be expecting easy manipulation via the right mouse button; Having other things bond to it could be confusing.

Now, items defining what actions they have available; It reminds me of the weapon skills in GW2; Interestingly enough their combat is animations based, which is where I think TUG combat is heading. I've brought up combat and GW2 because it is an example of a game that has limitations (in a good sense of the word). Out of all possible combat actions you can only choose 10 and 5 of those are actually based on the characters weapon(s). The other thing is that with those 5 weapon skills, the UI is what tells the player whether of not it's available. Within TUG, I'd be keen on having something similar to this but perhaps limit actions down to the context of just whats in the characters hands. Furthermore, and if I could, I'd then add in variation by giving some ability to configure how an items actions behave to the player but that's a story for another time.

I'm not quite sure about magic. The reason is because of the way I view the gauntlet. It seems like a wearable piece of armour, not as weapon in and of itself. And then it's gets me thinking about the potential inter-play with weapons/tools. I mean imagine a normal axe's actions but because you're wearing this particular gauntlet your characters actions are imbued with fire or ice. I'm just not quite in a frame of mind where the gauntlet is a standalone weapon though maybe this is because I'm conditioned to seeing wands for spells and magic.

I'm a little bit hesitant towards items on the quickslots (keys 1 to 5). I like the idea of the belt but there's a small amount of visual dishonesty which happens in that area. What I mean is that we can have both workstations and weapons/tools on the quickslots. IMO there should only be actions on keys 1 to 5 and for accessing items on a belt, using shift as a modifier + keys 1 to 5. (Side note: modifier buttons I like: shift, ctrl and alt). At this point you could go further on the types of belts. Maybe one of then doesn't have any room for items but offers a great stat/armour boost, maybe another belt offers one or two slots as secondary weapons/tools instead of items. The thing that I need to touch on here though is that I'd need to think about all the bigger items that wouldn't make too much sense on the players belt or in their inventory/backpack. How am I going to deal with those because atm, they're nice and easy to pick up and place down and we've got quick access to them.

Hmmm. Well one way might be through the use of physics - pushing and pulling objects around. That could lead to some nice inter-play between character stats, encumbrance and mass of the objects. But you'd also need to adjust crafting, not to much really, just have bigger objects (the ones that can't go in the players inventory) enter into z placement mode before spawning, then allow the player to move around with a radius to position/rotate and then place. If the player moved out of the radius and hadn't finished the z place, the craft would revert back down to its components. Cool. Not quite sure about whether we really need physics now. Oh well, pushing and pulling objects around is still a nice idea.

Coming back to quick actions for a moment. We could have it such that selecting the equipped items action is a matter of pressing keys 1-5. key 1 being selected by default. The question I want to answer now is how that should relate to the left mouse button. A click should execute the selected action. Holding down the mouse button should do one of two things depending on the action; Either continuously perform the action (or until the character runs out of energy) OR charge up the action and perform it upon mouse release.

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot about ammo. Just to be clear, that's something that would tie into the belt. So for throwing lots of spears your belt would have the slots for all those extra spears. I suppose there'd need to be some additional logic somewhere for saying that if a player threw something and had the same kind of something on their my belt, that it'd be automatically equipped.

Questions for actions:
What are the limitations that we'd like to impose, as to give more meaning for having 'x' equipped.
Will character progression and/or stats tie into actions in one or more ways.
After equipping 'x', how will the player know about the now available actions.
Also if the continuous/charging via mouse thing happens, how do we let the player know that's a thing.
Lastly, after the previous two questions are answered, how would we like to represent those actions within the UI.

Now, it's time for me to go back to modding. Portal Stone mod ain't gonna port itself. :pirate:
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