Experiments with goats

egorkegork Posts: 139 Seed
NO you freaking perv, this is not a "Deliverance," moment.

I've been watching goat behavior and basically goats have been dropping kids through the windows into my house.

I made what is in the real estate trade called a walk out basement. Adult goats tend to hover at the windows trying to get at my gourds. I had a garden inside with gourds. Baby goats fall in through the windows but never seem to grow into adults.

The kids sometimes push me away from whatever I'm working on.


  • egorkegork Posts: 139 Seed
    I'm not saying that it's a good thing or a bad thing, just a goat thing. I'm just watching the wildlife
  • egorkegork Posts: 139 Seed
    The basement windows are 1 space wide. several ( 1-3) tall. It seems to keep out the Shroonen and adult goats, but the kids drop in, but can't get out.

    Again, not necessarily a bug,l but something to take into consideration regarding goats
  • egorkegork Posts: 139 Seed
    Goat Trap that works better:

    Dig a 3X3X3 hole and then cover it leaving open only the center square at the top. Plant some gourds in the bottom.

    Goats go in and can't climb out unless there's enough time and a goats that they can climb on each others backs and jump out.
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    egork said:

    I'm not saying that it's a good thing or a bad thing, just a goat thing.

    I need this on a T-shirt.

  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel Posts: 191 Seed
    Yeah the goats are being very goaty this patch for sure!
    I counted about 20 in a herd all running towards some gourds atop a hill they could not climb.
    Around the bottom of that group were a bunch of dead goats, which I thought was curious.
    Then I noticed the prickly pear cactus, and then proceeded in harvesting a handful of goats lying about.

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