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Remember that TUG is in alpha :p Systems/functions/features will be added, modified and/or removed. This is a normal part of any alpha development. Progress is our friend.

If your initial question is: Can I mod x? The answer is yes. Everything and anything TUG is designed to be modded. The Eternus Engine however shall remain a black box.

More often than not, starting small is best.

If in doubt at any point, just have some fun.

In the sections below I've included things you might like pointed out to you depending on what you're modding.


	--If you set
	--then setting 
	--will remove the popup errors and 
	-- display the error messages as red text in the console

	--This setting is for the when you're editing the sky object.

	--Also, hey, this is an option
	FOV = 90

	--If you figure any of the other options out let me know and I'll add it in.


        	FlyingEnabled = 1
		ProcessHitPoints = 1
		ProcessAIHitPoints = 1
		ProcessPlayerHitPoints = 1
		ProcessObjectHitPoints = 1
		ShowObjectHitPoints = 1
		ProcessToolHitPoints = 1
		ProcessPlayerStamina = 1
		ProcessPlayerEnergy = 1
		ProcessStackSize = 1
		ReactToPlayers = 1


Variables and values:
slot = "Chest", "Feet", "Arms", "Neck", "Legs", "Hands", "Shoulders", "Belt", "Helmet"

Tag = "Trees", "Plants", "System", "Gear", "Traps", "Refined", "Weapons", "CrudeAge", "Ruins", "BronzeAge", "Tools", "Harvestables", "Rocks", "Decor", "Mount"

placementSound = "AltarAmbient", "GrassPlacedPlace", "grassPlace", "SnowPlace", "GravelPlace", "SandPlace", "TorchPlace", "WoodDig", "MetalDig", "WoodPlace", "StonePlace", "GrassPlace"

removalSound = "grassDig", "MetalDig", "SnowDig", "GravelDig", "SandDig", "GrassDig", "WoodDig", "StoneDig"

equipSound = "GrassDig", "MetalDig", "WoodDig", "SandDig"

category = "Trap", "Magic", "Powder", "Powder", "Potion", "Cloth", "Container", "Dye", "Coal", "Meat", "Edible", "None", "Fence", "Mount", "Door", "Chest", "Bed", "Decor", "Tilled Dirt", "Dirt", "Grass", "Weapon", "Vegetation", "Hoe", "Shovel", "Pick", "Metal", "Gear", "Wood", "Torch", "Rock", "Table", "Flesh", "Axe", "Hammer", "Knife"

craftingArchetype = "Veg Greens", "Crystal Shard", "Wood Log", "Light Green Clump", "Wood Handle", "Cobblestone Clump", "Seeds", "Club", "Sword Blade", "Tan Clump", "Spear", "Long Shaft", "Wood Shaft", "Stacked Wood", "Leaf", "Large Modular Tool", "Small Modular Weapon", "Bamboo Log", "Axe Head", "Hammer Head", "Small Modular Tool", "Sat Green Clump", "Knife Blade", "Cudgel Head", "Shovel Head", "Leather Wrap", "Leaf" , "Large Modular Weapon", "Dark Green Clump", "Hoe Head", "Spear Head", "Veg Roots", "Wood Plank", "Pick Head", "Clay Clump", "Crude Handle", "Thatch", "Crude Rock Head"

{"Wood", "Vegetation", "Edible", "Rock", "Ore", "Metal", "Flesh", "Dirt", "Grass"}

In-game Commands


/viewdistance	(Value range 1-8)




/se	(same as /suppresserrors?)
--Don't forget that you can make your own :)


Youtube video to help you out with any topic. Check comments section to skip to particular topics.

If you don't want the popup error messages, see the config/user_config.txt section


There are the following naming requirements and order for the objects within .obj files.
  • pivot
  • hand_atch
  • ExampleObject_atch_rotx
  • ExampleObject_atch_roty
  • ExampleObject
  • ExampleObject_coll
Note that the only required objects are pivot (usually a small cube), ExampleObject and ExampleObject_coll.
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