Modding Tutorials Subforum (Info & Rules)

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This subforum is solely for TUG modding tutorials.

This includes:
  • Code tutorials
  • Data tutorials
  • Art tutorials
  • General TUG modding tutorials


  • Do not create threads to ask questions in this subforum.
  • Do not demand updates from authors, this includes asking if/when there will be an update.
  • You are allowed to post debugging code/utilities, as long as the intended use isn't griefing.
  • Video tutorial threads have to include detailed description of what is covered in the video tutorial.
  • If the tutorial is based on a specific API/lib make sure it's mentioned at the top of the thread.
  • Copying existing content or parts of, is not allowed, unless permission is given by the author.

Naming conventions

Each tutorial has to start with target version of TUG, this it to make sure it's easy to find up-to-date tutorials.

[0.8.7] Mixins
[0.8.7] ModScriptClass
[0.8.7] Creating Models

Official tutorials have the [NK] tag, those tutorial are made by Nerd Kingdom, both [NK] and [Official] tags are reserved for use by Nerd Kingdom only.

If a API/lib is used include it's tag in the title.
[0.8.7][CL] Connector System

I know it's tempting but try not to go wild with tags...
Bad Example:
[0.8.7][Unofficial][CL][Data][Code][Advanced][Super][Cool] My super awesome tutorial about stuff and things
There is no need for that many of tags, try to make sure the title is descriptive instead(don't overdo the title either).


  • Try to keep the tutorial simple to read and centered around a single topic.
  • Try not to post duplicate tutorial (same version, same topic, same or very similar content)
  • When mentioning another tutorial include a link to it.
  • When possible include screenshots.
    (Screenshots are helpful when trying to confirm if you have followed the tutorial right)
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