The Death Penalty

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Don't worry, I'm not going all political on you guys. ;)

Lately, as I've been creating A LOT of temporary games to test mods, I've found myself dying A LOT. I started to wonder about the penalties a Seed might face for taking the fall, later on in the game. While I'm sure our favorite Dev team already has a plethora of ideas, I had some crazy thoughts of my own. Feel free to weigh in and let me know what you think.

When a Seed dies, it becomes a whisp and all of it's inventory is dropped. This whisp, so far as we know at the moment, is ethereal and cannot manipulate objects around it. This leaves the dropped items at the mercy of any passing Seed, thieving Kinokojin or predators, in the case of food supplies. I like this and I think it's definitely suiting that whatever you're carrying/wearing becomes free game. To me, this takes the place of the run of the mill XP loss.

The gist of my suggestion is this; in addition to the urgency instilled by needing to find your place of death and recollect your belongings, what if your whisp form was capable of inhabiting another creature (be it animal, podling, golem, etc.)? That possession would depend on the strength of your whisp form and the strength/"level" of the creature you're attempting to possess. The existence of your whisp form would be on a time limit and as that time passed, your whisp would become weaker and less capable of a successful possession. When that time ran out, if you didn't manage to successfully possess another creature, you just ceased to be. You would respawn in the world, just as you did when you first created your character, starting from scratch (by that I mean, all of your XP would be gone).

Upon successful possession, that creature would shift forms to that of your Seed. So, should you wish to remain the Seed you began the game as (and retain all of your hereto gained XP), you must successfully inhabit a creature.

What do you think? Too much of a punishment? Not enough? Too complicated? Too crazy (you won't hurt my feelings)?

I'd also considered instead of the need to possess another creature, maybe you had a certain amount of time to guide your whisp to some sort of wellspring or another magical object (obelisks, ruins, etc.) that could restore you, perhaps much closer to your dropped items than if you were forced to respawn.
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  • deasantadeasanta REGISTERED Posts: 12 Seed
    +1 - worth a try if it can be modded - or maybe even combined with the POINTS OF INTEREST mod so that you get a beacon - kinda like 7days to die.
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    I like it! But since I worked on the Ghostbusters video game, other players should have the full ability to exorcise your spirit via neuria infused proton packs!
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    deasanta said:

    +1 - worth a try if it can be modded - or maybe even combined with the POINTS OF INTEREST mod so that you get a beacon - kinda like 7days to die.

    Original plan with Points of Interest mod was to allow other mods to easily add their own location markers programmatically to it. But I totally forgot to create a proper api for doing that.

    I'll have to take a look at, on what might be a best way to add an api to it.
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  • egorkegork REGISTERED Posts: 139 Seed
    I'd suggest other players are immune
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