Teleball Neuria (v1.0) - Mod [TUG 0.8.6]

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Teleball Neuria Mod!

Hey everybody, I'm back with another mod! :chuffed:
After trying a lot of different combinations of shards I finally found a working one, I call this the "Teleball Neuria". This new type of Neuria is based off the Return Stone teleportation, just put your Return Stone in your Bronze Gauntlet and infuse it with some neuria. It might be a bit exhausting, so look out!

Code info:
This projectile is created with the new projectile system. This isn't fully implemented in 0.8.6 yet, but it looks very promising! As for any other modders, I think this is a pretty good example if you want to play around with the new system. :chuffed:

v1.0: link

Hope you all enjoy! :chuffed:
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