Spawn in the Biome of your choice

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I wanted to spawn in a biome of my choosing other than just the Deep Forest. So I edited the generator file to create a full list of available biomes plus and empty biome for the creative types.

Devs if this is not allowed please delete this thread

Here is the link if you would like to download and try it out.

Before you start, backup the existing generators.txt file then rename it to generators - copy.txt

Copy the new file to the above directory launch TUG and select your new biome list under generators

All these new generators should include all the biomes except for the Empty Biome

I am using game version INDEV 0.8.6


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    All forms of modding are allowed in TUG! It's your game after all!
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    The comment above says it all.
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    This is why I like NK.
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    +2 !! =D
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