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Is there a way to view skins and clothing on a seed model?
I'm using Gimp to edit some stuff for a mod but I'm too noob to know how to see the models without starting the game.
I have Blender for models.


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    models and some of the textures are in Core\Character\Seed

    See if you can master the painting tools in blender. One of the tricks when painting with a texture in blender using the texture brush is not to zoom in and out when rotating the model. Other option is to open blender and gimp then practice jumping between the applications. Save the texture and gimp + press alt tab + press reload texture in blender. With practice you can preview the change in 3 or 4 seconds. Both Gimp and Blender allow key binds to help with this. Best method is to get software that allows you to paint on the model like zbrush or the like. My preference is Tattoo 1.85 by Lee Page (old piece of software)

    blender does not show the textures initially when you import the fbx because the paths don't match up but you can match them up manually. Takes a bit of fiddling.

    If anyone else have a better way please let me know!
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