0.8.6, how diffrent is modding now?

shupsta2010shupsta2010 REGISTERED Posts: 5 Podling
So alot of the guides I see are for 0.6 and I'd really like to get into modding with TUG. Can I please get some help or a mentor or something?


  • MeldrixMeldrix REGISTERED Posts: 24 Seed
    It's not that different, it's mostly just learning the workflow of adding stuff in that has changed slightly.

    Ask around for the TUG modding skype or join #tug and #tugdev on the esper irc.
  • SigilSigil REGISTERED Posts: 678 Developer
    If you're just adding models very little has changed. Best case is to copy existing schematic files and change out the names.
  • shupsta2010shupsta2010 REGISTERED Posts: 5 Podling
    Hmm Ok well thank you, I'll have to read up the tutorials. But the link to the lua api documentation, I want to be clear on, is for scripts for custom logic for things correct? Doesn't have anything to do with .txt files or anything?
  • RawrRawr REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 511 Seed
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    hey @shupsta2010 ,
    I have made a reddit post for you about the some of the initial parts of modding. I've also just posted it up on the steam forums too. It sounds as though you may have a mod idea already so please let us know what you're thinking of getting started on. I'll most likely be able to point you in a good direction if needed :)
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  • shupsta2010shupsta2010 REGISTERED Posts: 5 Podling
    Thank you so much, this will help so much with my efforts. I want to try and get something into the world before many ideas. I had so many minecraft mod ideas that now I'm going to need to see how to apply them to TUG!
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