What happened to tugwiki.com?

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title speaks for itself.
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    I hadn't noticed that it was taken down until I saw this thread. Hopefully this isn't a permanent development. If the time I spent on there, trying to keep the information up to date, is any reflection of the time other people spent doing the same, it would be a real disappointment to lose all of that data.

    That said, I can't remember the last time I heard anything from the original owner of the site. @RedAgliator might have some more information, possibly.
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    Charlock said:

    @RedAgliator might have some more information, possibly.

    Unfortunately, I have no information about what's happened. @Tyrx is the owner, I believe, but I've only ever contacted him on the wiki site. (His forum account hasn't been used in a long time.)
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    I have some good news and some incredibility bad news. The good news is that I’m not dead or anything, and the wiki isn’t permanently down. It should be up and running sometime around this upcoming weekend. The bad news that the provider who owns the hardware/server that the wiki was hosted on went bankrupt and had their servers de-racked (essentially decommissioned) without warning by their upstream (datacentre) provider. I had an automated backup strategy running consisting of three different servers, but due to an unfortunate series of events, they are not as recent as anyone would like. In short, the wiki will be back online soon but months of work has been lost.

    The company in question sent out notices to all their clients on the 6th of August, and at that time, I was on a holiday in Mongolia. I did not have many chances to get secure access to the internet while there but I did manage to view that email around the 12th of August. The company stated that all servers would be taken offline on the 31st of August, and I was due back home by the 20th. I had planned migrate everything on the 22nd and even put up a notice on the wiki about the downtime from DNS changes that it would bring.

    Unfortunately, the company took all the servers offline on the 21st. That’s 10 days in advance of the shutdown date (31st) that was originally communicated to clients. Even though I run a three-tiered backup system that would normally be considered strong, the ramifications of that event has been incredibly bad. The hard-drive of my primary external backup source failed while I was in Mongolia on the 16th – and the early shutdown had eliminated the provider managed backups out of the possibility. That only left my third back-up source that was taken very irregularly.

    Here is a quick explanation of the back-up system that I had in place

    1. Server hard drive containing the wiki files / database:
    De-racked and put into storage with hundreds of other drives. It’s impossible to get access to the
    drive that I rented due to privacy reasons. I even offered to purchase it outright, but that offer was

    2. Primary daily back-up (automated) provided by the server company:
    These have been pulled from their racks leading the data to become inaccessible. The company is
    bankrupt so there’s nobody left at the company to spend the money to organise sending backups to

    3. Primary daily back-up (automated) on a second server that I rent in a different U.S. datacentre:
    The hard-drive on this server failed on the 16th of August, and that piece of hardware was
    immediately replaced by the data center. Unfortunately due to the fact the drive was unconfigured/blank when it was replaced the server wasn't backing up the wiki files/database past this point.

    4. Secondary bi-annual backup (automated) on a third server I rent in a different Australian datacentre:
    This is the only thing that saved the wiki from simply being forever lost. Unfortunately, the last backup
    on that server dates back to March this year. It’s not even close to acceptable, but it’s better than

    Cross-reference this will the time-line and you will start to get a picture of the unfortunate (and very unlikely) sequence of events and why the bi-annual backup is the only option.

    29 July – Start of Mongolian holiday.
    6 August – Hosting provider sends notice stating that all services will be shutdown on the 31st
    14 August – Noticed the shutdown email due to coming within range of a CDB. Posted notice on the wiki stating that a planned node migration would occur on the 22nd.
    16 August – The hard drive of the second primary daily back-up (automated) server failed. Replaced by the DC on the same day, but data recovery on the drive was not possible.
    20 August – Arrive back home late night. I noticed that email about the dead drive, but I was drunk as hell at that moment so I figured I would wait until I migrated the wiki on the 21st to configure the second backup server again.
    21 August – Wiki servers de-racked by the upstream (datacentre) provider without warning. Was done early in the morning while I was sleeping. Woke up to a nightmare.

    I know how bad this is, and I have lost sleep over this. The fact that there was a window of opportunity on the night of August the 20th has made the guilt I have been feeling this past week incredibly distracting. I could have simply downloaded the backups manually, but I wanted nothing more to plop down in my bed and go to sleep. I didn’t trust myself to fool around with backups when I was drunk either. At that point, I still believed that I had another 10 days until the wiki server (and the remaining backup server) went down.

    I am really not sure what I can say at this point… I’ve been holding off on posting this the past week because I’ve been desperately trying to find a solution that doesn’t result in months of lost wiki work. Unfortunately, I have to face the fact that it is impossible to get an up-to-date version of the wiki database. I am incredibly sorry to those editors that spent time updating the wiki in the past months.

    I will bring the wiki back online this weekend. Once that happens it’s likely that I will officially hand over everything (domain, database, files) to somebody that has the capability of running the wiki. I could put blame on the shitty sequence of events, or the server provider and their upstream, but ultimately it was my responsibility to ensure that the community would not lose their work. I failed in that regard. I thought I had covered any possible outcome when I had three servers taking backups of the wiki. I was wrong.

    PS: It's 2AM as of writing and posting this. I apologies if it's hard to read / understand.

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    Definitely an unfortunate series of events! None of which do I think you had direct control over. I doubt anyone here is going to hold you over the coals for this situation. I have been through a similar situation with a previous service provider, so I know how frustrating and disappointing things like this can be.

    While the rollback will be a hill to climb, I think a lot of people appreciate the effort you've gone through to maintain the sites hosting and availability thus far. When it is back up, I'll be back to getting things up to date and I'm sure I won't be the only one.

    Don't fret too much over this!
    "I’ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library."
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    %100 with what charlock said. Thank you very much for responding. I'm of the opinion that we'll build up the wiki to an even better state in no time :)

    I'm also of the opinion that, if you so desire, i'd still like you to be the host of the wiki. Take this incident as a pinch of salt in a rather large bowl of water.
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    Can't blame you for relaxing when you get home from a trip - that is what most people do! So I wouldn't sweat it, no use crying over spilt milk - the community will update the wiki as they have been in the past.
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    You guys are awesome. <3
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    edited October 2015
    Thought I'd pop in and mention that the wiki should be online within the next 24-48 hours. I've had some work commitments that have gotten in the way of setting the server up earlier.

    UPDATE: The wiki is now online. However, the file system backups were slightly behind that of the database backups so the MediaWiki installation is one version behind what the DB is setup for. I was planning on simply downloading the "old" MediaWiki version and uploading that, but I've decide to not immediately do that.

    The old mediawiki version is currently a legacy release and is due to be depreciated at the end of the year. With that in mind, I'm taking this chance to upgrade the wiki to the latest version of mediawiki. I've locked the wiki to new edits for the moment because the DB doesn't like people trying to edit it using a mediawiki version it's not built for.

    I'm planning on doing this on the weekend so the wiki should be unlocked for editors by Monday.

    UPDATE 2: Slight change in plans. The wiki won't be editable until around the 8th of October. It takes a fair amount of time to manually check the compatibility of every plugin with the new Media Wiki version. Work is also impeding those efforts, which is why it's taken so long.
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    Here I was, feeling all guilty for not finishing my updates to the wiki for update 0.8.6. (I'm eeklady on the wiki.) But the new semester at school started in August and I just couldn't get to it. And now it's all gone.... hours and hours of work, gone... I'm not even in the user list anymore.
    Thank goodness I saved most of the images on my hard drive (just looked...129 images saved, wow!). Hmm... just had an idea. A script to convert the official crafting guide html to wiki markup. That would save a lot of time.
    Can't wait to get at the wiki again.
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    A lot of people lost a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, it's a wiki for a game that's still in progress and Tyrx has gone through painstaking methods of preserving what he could. It might take a little time, but I am sure we'll get it back to where it was.
    "I’ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library."
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    Charlock said:

    [...] but I am sure we'll get it back to where it was.

    I'm batting for even better.
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    IT'S BACK! Thank you so much Tyrx!
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    WOOT WOOT! wiki all the things!
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