Aerogel v1.2.1 [0.8.6]

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Aerogel is a building tool for survival or creative which allows large complicated structures to be built rapidly. Aerogel is used by placing it in the world via right click, when placed correctly it should be clear of the terrain and will snap to the voxel grid. Your main tool when building with Aerogel is Snake Aerogel. Snake Aerogel is green when it is active and blue when it is inactive. When placed correctly Snake Aerogel will activate automatically and turn green, and it will not leave your inventory. Snake Aerogel is controlled with the numpad by default. Only active Aerogel will create new blocks of Aerogel. You can activate inactive Aerogel by right clicking on it with an empty hand. You can left click on Aerogel to destroy it if you make a mistake. Pressing numpad 1 (default) will make all active Aerogel inactive. When you are done growing your structure, right click on any Aerogel while holding a terrain material (my favorite is Mesa Rock) to convert it and all connecting Aerogel into that material. Consider using Black Aerogel to clean up large masses of unwanted Aerogel, it will destroy all Aerogel connected to it when it is placed.

Screenshot Tutorial:
  1. Find a good area for your architecture, and place some Snake Aerogel (right click). It should activate automatically.

  2. Use numpad to grow new blocks of Aerogel. Left click on unwanted blocks of Aerogel to delete them.

  3. Right click on a block of Aerogel with an empty hand to activate it, you can control multiple active blocks of Aerogel at the same time.

  4. Press numpad 0 to lock active blocks of Aerogel, locked Aerogel will not deactivate unless it is unlocked with numpad 0.

  5. Press numpad 1 to deactivate all blocks of Aerogel, this will also deactivate locked Aerogel.
  6. Build something cool.

  7. Right click on a block of Aerogel while holding a terrain material (in this case Frozen Mud) to solidify it and all connected blocks of Aerogel.

Epic Builds:

(submissions welcome)

To install, extract Aerogel into \TUG\Mods\
Then add "Mods/Aerogel" to \TUG\Config\mods.txt


  • 1.2.1: Improved ease of use.
              Removed WhiteAerogel
              Renamed SnakeAerogel to Snake Aerogel and BlackAerogel to Black Aerogel
  • 1.2: Added active lock and deactivate all buttons.
  • 1.1: Added Snake Aerogel.
  • 1.0: Initial build for 0.8.6.



  • ShadeeShadee REGISTERED, ADMINISTRATORS, Moderator, Developers Posts: 402 Seed
    Ooo, that's awesome! :)
  • ScriptsScripts REGISTERED, Developers Posts: 41 Developer
    Very cool! Reminds me of a mod I wanted to try and make that involved a player staking out area(s) and having NPC wisps build it while grabbing resources from a slab or chest.

    Keep up the awesome work, UFIOES!
    Let's make something awesome together.

    Follow me! @Scriptslol
  • LostSocksLostSocks REGISTERED Posts: 11 Seed
    edited August 2015
    I'm having some trouble getting it to work. The blocks show up in game, but I can't seem to activate one.
  • UFIOESUFIOES REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 42 Seed
    edited August 2015
    @Shadee: Thanks, have fun building.

    @Scripts: Thanks, I am thinking about adding copy-paste functionality and maybe multiplayer support for v1.3

    @LostSocks: When you place the SnakeAerogel with the right mouse button, it should activate automatically and turn green. I forgot to mention in the OP, that when correctly placed, the SnakeAerogel won't leave your inventory. When you figure it out, feel free to tell me how I might improve my explanation in the OP.
  • LostSocksLostSocks REGISTERED Posts: 11 Seed
    Okay, I'm just an idiot. I thought you had to place it using the Z key and snapping it to the grid yourself. In the end, I got it to work and I can't wait to play around with this. Your a god UFI!
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