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Hi guys! First off love the game but quick question:
Trying to manage some FPS issues i've been having and was wondering where the problem was. I've checked the minimum requirements and everything seems to be in order but I would like some help managing where the problem lies in my rig. Thanks.

System: Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core i7-4800MQ 2.7GHz
64 bit
Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro K2100M

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    We have had an update since your first post. Have you tried updating to the most recent version and if so, are you still having the same FPS issues?


  • theskyiscooltheskyiscool Posts: 12 Seed
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    Oh yea and 16Gb Ram
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    Looks like you're using a laptop. Is there an integrated card in there aside from the NVIDIA Quadro K2100M which it might be using instead? If so, you should be able to set a profile for TUG in the Nvidia control panel (via the "Manage 3D settings section" ), to make sure it'll use the right one.

  • theskyiscooltheskyiscool Posts: 12 Seed
    The only Graphics Card is the Quadro
  • theskyiscooltheskyiscool Posts: 12 Seed
    Yea unfortunently it did not increase frame rate with the most recent update. At default the FPS stays at about 15. If i turn off all the grass, shadow effects, bloom,particle effects and view distance it'll get about 45 FPS :) Maybe in the future when things get a bit more optimized I'll be able to turn some settings up. And just a curiosity question. Does TUG limit available RAM?
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