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I cannot seem to find a good explanation on how the floating shards will come into play as reguards to game play, will they be a progression type layout with dystopian center shard or just random layouts?


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    floating shards? do you mean the crystals?
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    OH no I hope I didn't get mixed up, I was sure I read somewhere before I purchased EA that, when you spawn you are on a floating Island or "Shard" Is what I remember it being called

    Maybe I had better review again.

    Yes here it is "Proving Grounds (Under Construction)

    Spawn on a floating island map with other players. TUG's multiplayer PVP arena mode lets you test your strength, wit, and skills against your fellow Seeds!

    Are the floating Islands only for PVP servers?
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    Oh. It's a particular game mode. the others are survival and creative.
    I'd imagine it'd be similar to how in MC servers work. You could transfer between the different game modes but don't quote me on that one though as NK might have bigger plans for it.
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