Connection Closed downloading "50_ChannelingA.FBX"

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Been dealing with this for a few days now and have gone so far as to uninstall TUG entirely and re-install. Whether I simply check for updates or actually set it to Force, I am encountering a "Connection Closed" error when it attempts to download "50_ChannelingA.FBX". If I force an update it downloads fine up to that point. If I simply check for updates it starts with that file and fails out after a minute or so.



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    Hey @JDDMichael!

    Often these types of connection errors happen when outdated launchers try to connect. My first suggestion (if you haven't yet already) would be to try grabbing the latest version of the launcher's installer from your account page.

    If you have already tried this, but it's still giving you the error, then what Rawr said. Please give us a shout via [email protected]
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    I contacted support, declaring that as a Tech Support Supervisor my ego cannot accept this defeat, and that I would race them to a solution.

    I then proceeded to do the following:

    Disabled Real-Time Protection on my AV

    Launched TUG and tried to sign in, got an authentication error (I've also seen this from time to time, I mostly ignored it at this point, I wanted to confirm connectivity otherwise)

    Flushed DNS

    Launched TUG and tried to sign in, got an authentication error

    Removed my TUG firewall rules so they could be re-created on launch

    Launched TUG and tried to sign in, got an authentication error

    Examined the IP addresses that the TUG launcher was connecting to and pinged all to confirm connectivity.

    Satisfied that I have connectivity, on a hunch I logged into my account on the website and then launched TUG and signed in there.

    Sign-in successful, would you like to check for updates.

    Yes... Yes I would actually...


    And it then proceeded to download everything else as well...

    The moral of this story is I got it working, but I wasn't meticulous about it so it is anyone's guess what the problem was... For shame... I should know better...

    I did cancel my ticket though.
  • ShadeeShadee Posts: 399 Site Admin
    That's really weird. I'm glad you got it working though. Keep us posted if you come across anything like that again.
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