Thermobarics v1.6 [0.8.6]

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Is there a pesky mountain in your way? Do you want to reduce your enemies to tiny pieces? Is mining one voxel at a time just too slow? Do you really love your country? Have you wondered how far the world continues beyond the mysterious layer of obsidian?

Introducing the mod that adds a Thermobaric Device for all of your needs and then some.

Currently your options include:
  • The standard Thermobaric Device: produces a small blast that will both amputate superfluous limbs and remove any voxels in its blast radius!

  • The unusual Thermobaric Implosion Device: produces a small blast that tears into the fabric of reality and allows the obsidian that exists between worlds to seep in!

  • The excavating Shaped Thermobaric Device: produces a linear blast perfect for tunneling and mining at any angle through any depth of the world!

  • The vacuous Shaped Thermonihilic Device: produces a linear blast that will collect any drops and place them neatly into your inventory!

  • The dangerous Thermobaric Cluster Device: produces a blast similar to that of the standard Thermobaric Device that also launches 24 secondary devices for a grand total of 25 explosions in one device!

  • The appalling Thermonuclear Device: produces an explosion 1000 times larger than that of the standard Thermobaric Device! This explosion is so powerful that it takes the Eternus Engine one minute or longer to scoop out the resulting crater. In the wake of this destruction, the area around the crater will become permanently radioactive, dosing anything in the area with accumulative radiation poisoning.
    Please note that since your computer cannot handle five million things being dropped in the same place, drops from the Thermonuclear Device have been disabled.
    Please note that throwing the Thermonuclear device too far may cause a crash, your world will not be corrupted by this crash, but no crater will be made. A good rule is that if you can still see the sparks, you are safe from the crashing, but not the radiation.


Craters: (a Goat has been added to each crater to grant a sense of scale)

Thermobaric Device:
Thermobaric Implosion Device:
Shaped Thermobaric Device:
Thermobaric Cluster Device:
Thermonuclear Device:

To install, extract Thermobarics into \TUG\Mods\
Then add "Mods/Thermobarics" to \TUG\Config\mods.txt

  • 1.6: Updated to 0.8.6.
            Added the Shaped Thermonihilic Device.
            Added the Thermobaric Implosion Device.
  • 1.5.1: Reinstated radiation.
  • 1.5: Added shaped charges.
            Improved explosion effects.
            Added explosion sounds.
            Made crafting realistic.
  • 1.4: Added radiation.
            Improved particle effects.
  • 1.3: Improved models.
            Improved crafting.
  • 1.2: Added the Thermobaric Cluster Device.
            Added the Thermonuclear Device.
  • 1.1: Added models.
  • 1.0: Initial non-release.



  • NekochuNekochu Posts: 244 Developer
    Very cool!
    Twitter: @X_Nekochu_X
    Tumblr: xnekochux
  • SigilSigil Posts: 678 Developer
    This is very impressive. We are all crowded around looking at the mod. Well done!
  • GhostGhost Posts: 74 Developer
    This was really awesome! The cluster bomb was my personal favorite.

    I did notice a few small bugs!

    Z-placement mode for the Termonuclear Device would cause a Lua error

    One of the times I threw the nuclear device it caused the game to crash - but I don't know the specific conditions that caused it. (could have highlighted a bug in our side though) - it had to do with removing terrain meshes from the world - so could have been an issue in our stuff
  • UFIOESUFIOES Posts: 42 Seed
    Thank you.

    It is odd that z-placement for the Thermonuclear Device causes a crash, I would have thought if anything it would be with the Shaped Thermobaric Device since it applies a rotation on placement. I will have to look into it.

    I would really appreciate a few improvements in the way that Eternus handles terrain. I will reinstate radiation since it isn't causing the crashing. It seems that the crashing only happens when the device is thrown neither too close nor too far, I am debating adding a safety catch for when it detonated to test how far from the player it is, so it won't detonate, but that could make it more annoying and dangerous to use.
  • ShadeeShadee Posts: 399 Site Admin
    I've been waiting for this mod... :naughty:
  • RawrRawr Posts: 508 Seed
    oh no! what've we done! Shadee obtained the power of Thermobaric Devices. What ever shall we do?

    Side note: Could we please have the devil smiley and any other "missing" smilies.
    Programmer, designer, artist.
  • ShadeeShadee Posts: 399 Site Admin
    Rawr said:

    oh no! what've we done! Shadee obtained the power of Thermobaric Devices. What ever shall we do?

    Side note: Could we please have the devil smiley and any other "missing" smilies.

    Muahahaaaa!! :naughty:

    The comment menu only lists a small selection but they're all there to use. Smilies can be found by using ":" and typing. You should see a drop-down menu pop up with ones including the letters you're typing. But I've also posted a complete list for you here. :)
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