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The Factorio website

This is a game I have poured hours into, because its just so addicting to me. it's a game about building oneself a factory from scratch on an alien planet while trying to survive against waves of enemy aliens, with the end goal of creating a safe environment for a colony to land.

it's currently in alpha, but it already has an established mod community, with several incredibly detailed mods that change the entire gameplay experience. the forums are a great place for inspiration on new builds, strategies for making it through the game, and just discussing the game in general. if you enjoy building complex contraptions and automation, THIS is the game for you.

  • great automation system
  • wonderful and mature community
  • challenging and an excellent puzzle trying to figure out your next factory
  • established research system
  • flexible logistics system
  • very grindy, it takes a long times for things
  • not for those who want action
  • can be quite difficult at times
  • can be incredibly frustrating when you just cant get that one design
there ya go. I REALLY enjoy this game, and purchased the top tier, and I hope the people here enjoy it as well! oh and btw, the prices are off, they're old conversion. from euros into CAD the top tier ended up being $47. big difference. yeh. watch out for that.
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