Wearable cobblestone

egorkegork REGISTERED Posts: 139 Seed
I was building my tower when I started to starve and the surprise had me just mashing keys so I don't know what I hit but suddenly was wearing my big supply of cobblestone like a hat. The game seemed to increase my height because of it since I could no longer walk under the joists that I had just placed. I was able to go to inventory and move the cobblestone from what was still officially in my hand into the backpack and then back into my hand and that got rid of the giant cobblestone hat.


  • ShadeeShadee REGISTERED, ADMINISTRATORS, Moderator, Developers Posts: 402 Seed
    Well that's different!
    Did you have the cobblestone in your hand when you mashed the keys and it happened?
  • egorkegork REGISTERED Posts: 139 Seed
  • RawrRawr REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 511 Seed
    cool! hehe I would've loved to have seen that one
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