Modding: Mod Keybindings

Currently, when a mod's default keybindings are changed via the in-game options menu, the changes are reset to the defaults if TUG is restarted (even after clicking "save" to save the keybindings).

Additionally, When a mod's keybinding names are changed in code, or if the mod is removed from Config/mods, the keybindings will remain in the in-game options menu.


  • UFIOESUFIOES Posts: 42 Seed
    edited August 2015
    As of version 0.8.6, attempting to reset to default keybinds via the "Default" button in the Input Options menu will not reset them to their default but to being unbound (NONE).

    Edit: This can be somewhat resolved by deleting \TUG\Config\user_config.txt which will reset native and mod keybinds to their defaults.
  • johnycilohoklajohnycilohokla Posts: 283 Developer
    Thanks for reporting that, it will be fixed in next release.
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