TUG doesn't start (Win10 solved)

FireRunaFireRuna Posts: 38 Seed
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After I updated to Windows 10, TUG (Steam) won't start. When I click Play in Steam, nothing happens - no error messages, no TUG. It was working perfectly Win 8.1 before. The reason, probably, is that Intel still didn't release driver for my 'Intel HD 4000' for Windows 10.
When I run dxdiag, it crashes on DXShow stage.

Any advices, please?


  • SimbaSimba Posts: 74 Developer
    Hey, did you ever figure this out?
  • FireRunaFireRuna Posts: 38 Seed
    Hey Simba,

    No, not yet. All the Google search refers to Intel, not updating their graphic driver for Windows 10 yet. DxDiag shows my DirectX version as 12, but also gives me a message about having problem to access DirectShow.

    I was hoping that TUG has some graphic settings I could tune to make it start.
    Do you have any suggestions?
  • SimbaSimba Posts: 74 Developer
    I'm not sure. We haven't done any testing on Windows 10 that I'm aware of, so I can't say for sure that it's even supported. From my understanding, there are no major differences between Win8.1 and Win10 that should cause TUG to crash.

    You could try to reinstall the TUG dependencies:

    Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable
    DirectX June 2010 (even though you have DirectX, you may need this)

    You could also try to reinstall TUG completely from Steam, or at the very least do cache verification. Right click on TUG in your steam library, click "Properties." Go to the "Local Files" tab and press "Verify Integrity of Game Cache..." Note that you may have one file validate even if nothing is wrong.

    You may want to back up any user modifications you made before reinstalling or verifying cache.
  • FireRunaFireRuna Posts: 38 Seed
    Thanks Simba ! That was really helpful !
    Reinstalled Redist files and DirectX, then restarted and Voila ! TUG is running again!
    Thanks a lot :)

  • SimbaSimba Posts: 74 Developer
    Sure thing. Glad I could help!
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