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Quick question:
(Windows 10 and TUG).compatibility == true?
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  • SimbaSimba REGISTERED, Developers Posts: 74 Developer
    Unless Microsoft made another Windows Vista, I don't see why it wouldn't be.

    That being said, most of us in the office are still running 7 and I'm not sure anyone has tried 10 yet.
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    From what info i can find it's basically the same as 8.1 with some of the annoying interface stuff changed around, and has a smaller install size (7gig compared to 12) and adds DX12 support. It was stated as far as gaming that any game that runs on 7 or above now shouldn't have any issues running on Win10. Some of the test show that it really helps with memory footprint on some games giving them a decent FPS increase. Not to mention it supports DX12 which cant be a bad thing. I signed up for my free upgrade on June 29th. May as well try it.
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  • ZadiraZadira REGISTERED Posts: 11 Seed
    There is a thread on the Landmark forums where some are able to play and some are not. It will be interesting to see what happens. I clicked the little icon to sign up for the update so I guess we will see. :)
  • JetcutterJetcutter REGISTERED Posts: 7 Podling
    Yep, did the reservation thing as well. I plan to install on a separate SSD on my machine.
  • ekohrmanekohrman REGISTERED Posts: 87 Seed
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    I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and I feel that TUG runs even better for me now. The game loads faster and runs more smoothly. No hard data for this, just my impression.
    I did get an error that I was missing a dll file afterwards (I don't remember which one). I just quickly reinstalled the launcher and I was up and running. (Non-Steam version of TUG)
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  • CharlockCharlock REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 293 Seed
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    I agree with @ekohrman. I've been upgraded to Windows 10 for about 2 weeks and I haven't had a single issue. In fact, performance seems to have increased pretty significantly. I have Windows 10 on my primary desktop where I run TUG 99.99% of the time, as well as on a much less powerful laptop that I take with me on the road.

    Edit: I missed the post from @Dungchunker, regarding the memory footprint. this makes sense, as I've seen marked increase in FPS, as well. Interesting!
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  • CharlockCharlock REGISTERED, Tester Posts: 293 Seed
    Hopefully anyone considering the upgrade has reviewed the pros and cons, beforehand. If you know what you're doing and what you do and don't want enabled, you'll be fine.

    The bottom line is that there have been optimizations that systems may benefit from and they're worth exploring.
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    TUG works very well on Win 10. Me never had any crashes.
  • Hoppa_JoelHoppa_Joel REGISTERED Posts: 191 Seed
    works fine with Windows 10.
    oddly, it "runs!" in comparison to some other games that act wierd hehe.

    In my case, lord of the rings online, will only run as a 32bit dx9 client now, when before I ran it 64bit dx11.
    I've got windows 10 64bit and I have been around this from many angles trying to find out why this is doing it.
    I have the same issue with Grand Theft Auto 5.
    Tug runs great.
    like CHarlock said, before you install make sure you know what you are getting in for. hehe :)
    w 10 is fine and probably will eventually run smoothly, but, I went from highly detailed shadows and water in lotro and gta5 to a lot less than I expected.

    With windows 10, you can and should turn off everything including cortana, as its all a mass of spyware/adware to keep you buying stuff M$ wants to promote based on your internet history emails and everything else. If you turn it off, its just windows 7/8 with dx12 capabilities.
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