Infinite game installer/updater

SunnySunny REGISTERED Posts: 2 Podling

Installed a stand-alone yesterday and it's being downloading files for the second day now... does it ever end? I am not sure if I will ever have the patience to wait for another two days of downloading...

(No my internet speed is not slow.. I am on a dedicated broadband line)


  • TRUTHserumTRUTHserum REGISTERED Posts: 2 Podling
    I am in a similar situation, though it has not been two days...nor will it be. I will likely abandoned hope of playing this game if I can't even manage to get it.
  • dustysubsetdustysubset REGISTERED Posts: 1 Podling
    Hi, just dropping in to say the same thing happened to me as well. Very eager to play the game but it's been taking forever to finish downloading the files and after some time, it will just connection time-out. Also, no problem with my Internet, it appears to be server end. Can some one look into it please?
  • SimbaSimba REGISTERED, Developers Posts: 74 Developer
    The launcher issues are a priority for us and we are working to get them resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • cambocambo REGISTERED Posts: 152
    Be sure to uncheck "force" from the launcher as they will do a new fresh download when you sign in.
  • TPranaraTPranara REGISTERED Posts: 8 Podling
    Since having 'remember me' does not work, how do I know that having 'force' ticked or unticked would actually do anything different than the default? Every time I launch the launcher, I have to put in my password, despite having 'remember me' ticked. Then it asks me whether I want to check for updates. I have said yes to this twice. When I say no, the launcher fails to give me a green play button. The only time I ever get a green play button is when I say, yes, to checking for updates, and it has in fact finished downloading an update, however, when I try to play, I get the unable to play error: internal server error. If I reload the launcher, I am back to square one. If I say no to checking for updates, I receive no more actions from the launcher and the play button remains greyed out. Maybe it would be a good idea, to halt development of the actual game, and fix your launcher, that's what priority means. If you don't want people using the launcher anymore, and would like people to only play via steam, than just say so. It's all good that you display a launcher version at the bottom of the launcher, mine says 0.5.7, but if it also stated the game version on this screen as well, people would have a better idea whether or not, the update that is being download is in fact a more recent version of the game than what they had previously installed. Since I have not been able to play, I have no idea what version is on my computer.
  • SimbaSimba REGISTERED, Developers Posts: 74 Developer

    We are a development studio of more than 20 people. There is no need to halt production on the game to work on the launcher. I have been addressing these issues myself, and it is my highest priority.

    That being said, we are rolling out an update soon. In fact, if you'd like, we're running some internal tests right now and have been reaching out to members of the community to help test. If you are interested in helping out, please send me a private message with your email address and I will get back to you ASAP.
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