The Miners Union

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The miners union will be a multi purpose organisation.

1) Find ores and secure control of them

2) Provide storage and secure living for miners

3) Assist in trades and transportation of materials

4) Encourage selling and crafting of metals and ores

My goals are to create a large underground network focused on mining. This will include large storage areas, living spaces etc. This will be part of Plainhold, and therefore the Lemurian empire.
Hello there! I am Youngy future owner of Plainhold (hopefully), go read the topic about Plainhold, and the Lemurian Empire, maybe also some of my other posts, like my mining suggestions! :)



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    Plainhold is going to be bigger then Angkor at this rate... lol
    Sounds awesome though
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    Angkor is a beautiful place :'( still super excited to try and make these organizations work. I think if worse comes to worse all of us who are dedicated can come together and make some kind of hub city. :chuffed:
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