Alpha 8.3 player feed back.

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I just wanted to give feed back on the game so far and it's systems. "alpha 8.3"

Apothecary - It's fun lots of potions that to more then just heal or buff the player. The Apothecary adds to most of the systems in the game so far making worth while and fun to use.

Hunting - hunting is fun when goats aren't running into trees or logs. It is satisfying to sneak up on a goat and spear him when it is not stuck some where.

Combat - This is hard to measure right now due to lack of enemies. PvP is rather simple right now a bit like vanilla Minecraft. Not a lot of fun right now but I am sure it will get there.

Mining - Mining is well mining. It's fun to get goodies to make new tools,but it would nice to be able to see minerals in the walls so you know if your deep enough. Mining can really take awhile, rewarding the player with some speed with upgraded tools would be great.

Building - Building for the most part is better then many sandbox games thanks to the custom engine being used. As time goes on I look forward to seeing more options and tools for player creations.

Crafting - I really like the crafting system the only bad thing I can say is I am sure it will be hard remember all the crafting requirements for all the items in the game once things progress.

World Gen - World Generation is well done looks really good at this point. As more features are added I am sure the explorer adventure and dungeon crawlers in us will be well satiated if the quality reminds this high.

Good work is being done I hope this is helpful to you.


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    Feedback is always helpful! Thanks for the input.
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    My only real complaint with the crafting is the tool that you have to have in your hand. IRL it would be obvious, but in a game not so much and when you are intending to make a door and accidentally make a fence, it's annoying and feels more like a bug than a game issue.

    I suggest advanced work tables that incorporate a given tool such that that table always assumes that you are holding said tool for given item to be made. It means more workbenches and hence larger fortresses, but hey, that's part of the fun
  • egorkegork REGISTERED Posts: 139 Seed
    and people wanting to cheap out on building could always be very careful of what tool they have in their hand
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