Update 0.8.0 InDev - Player-relevant changes

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I'd missed several details important to gameplay in the recent announcement, because they were buried in a long list of technical changes that don't affect how I play. (I have no idea what a "Menu CEGUI Lua and Gameplay Lua" are, nor what it means that they "have been separated into different VMs." I suspect I don't actually need to know. However, I do need to know that waving a torch doesn't scare off cats anymore.)

Complete InDev Branch Update announcement: http://nerdkingdomofficial.tumblr.com/p ... nch-update

Narrowed down - changes:
  • Multiplayer is back. We’d recommend playing at maximum around 4-5 players. You will most likely be able to play with a few more, but the Server will likely get performance issues
  • Added console commands for /ban, /kick, /banlist, and /unban
  • Added a console /unstuck command that teleports you a short distance directly forward
  • Durability values for various tools and weapons have been adjusted
  • Crude Beds cannot be used by multiple players simultaneously
  • Black Rock has been added to generation
  • Fixed/improved visual display for various objects: items in hands, tools and weapons, terrain cracks

Known bugs/issues:
  • Creative Mode is not functional right now. It's being worked on; will be released sometime soon.
  • Hand held torches don’t scare away Cats. They currently need to be dropped (Note: same applies to bearams and cubs)
  • If you plant at night, the sapling will not grow to full size when the daylight arrives
  • If you pick a fruit as it is still on the tree/vine, no more of that fruit will grow. They will grow if you wait for it to drop from the tree.
  • Rarely objects will turn into another random object (known bug that hasn't been fixed yet)
  • Clients cannot see the target capsule for Cats and Goat. Clients can still damage and harvest them, but they just don’t have visual feedback to do so.
  • The default keybind (ctrl+U) for the in-game toggle UI doesn’t work; if you rebind it to another key, it will work
  • Various display/ spawn/ server sync glitches – check main post for details

Not likely to be problems, but players should know that they are bugs so they won't be surprised when these go away in the next update:
  • Fall damage temporarily has been disabled
  • Fruit trees may create too much
  • Goats can get stuck travelling to food far out of their normal range which may lead to many goats appearing in one location
  • Cabbage Traps do not capture any client players.
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