(CHM)The Church of the Holy Maple

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*This is currently the official religion of the Cold-masons* (Forum describing the tribe will be written soon)

"We stand for balance within the world, we stand for promise and the use of common magic." - Naria(The second High Priestess)

Ideas and Practices

Most followers of the religion will gather once a week at the town/household maple tree to worship and pray. Paired with each tree is a small dome house made of mud in which lives a priest/priestess of the holy maple tree. Each hails from the church of the maple which can be found in the holy capital, Alvam. The capital was built around a sole maple tree tended to by the High priest.

Whenever a follower finds themselves forced to cut down a maple tree it is common for them to say these words with the final blow that severs the tree from the world below:

"I promise your sacrifice will keep my world in balance."

However most will often refuse to cause pain to a holy tree and will instead move on.


Whenever a town priest finds themselves nearing death they will hand pick the most promising seed to be sent to the capital to be trained in the ways of the maple. It is considered one of the highest honors you can receive as you will always have food, shelter, and purpose as a priest. But should the high priest ever die several ceremony's will be held to commemorate their death and to choose the next high priest. Once the events have ceased each seed will be presented to the great maple in the center of town. When a sign can be interpreted as to originate from the tree the next high priest has been chosen and will begin their training.


While the church is peaceful in all of their endeavors they are brutal when it comes to punishment. Should one try to destroy the sacred maple of Alvam they will be sentenced to a public death pierced through the heart with a spear made of maple wood. Just before their last breath the executioner will whisper into their ear:

"Its pain has now become yours."

The Anti-maples

There is a group that meets in secret who disagree with the punishments so much that they plan to one day overthrow the church and institute their own ideals.

More on this group will soon be written.


Coming soon! This section will be very large and very detailed.


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    This sounds cool
    I love lore and history can't wait to learn more and might be a member of :D
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    I'm sure seeds will not die of age, but whatever.
    I wonder what would happen if the tree was ever completely cut.
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    I believe The Keepers Of Balance would like to work with the preservation of these grand oak trees. I will be sure we protect and leave tribute in honor of the trees at all the shrines in the land. :)
    The Military General for xandertopia :D .
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    This looks just amazing. This just sounds so cool to me. Would love to join and see where this will go! :D
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    If this religion ever happens, I shall show up in town one day and yell out lowd "PAGANERY, THINE IS A FALSE CULT!", followed by walking backwards slowly to see the reactions as I take a more appropiate distance to run away.
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