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Initial message:
Ahoy all. I am guessing you don't know me, but I left an introductory post >here<.

I know some of you are probably thinking, this section of the forums is for art - well, creative writing is a form of art, so this seemed like the most appropriate place for what I would like to do. (if the forum moderators disagree, please move this thread to somewhere more appropriate.) :)

I am no artist, though I am pretty good at writing, and I enjoy documenting my experiences. So I would like to put my adventures in, and experiences of, TUG into a collection of short stories (taking liberties with creative expression, of course).

I have already written the first part, and will update this post once I am happy with it. So if you are interested, feel free to keep an eye on this space.

As I am basing this story on my own experiences in TUG, I will be referencing the main character as a male, for sake of ease, but from a narrative perspective.
This is the first part of my story - I really hope you enjoy it.
I intend to post these as short stories, so part two shouldn't take too long. In the mean time, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

MUS - Part one

In pitch darkness, the rocks groaned and the world roared as it was torn into existence. Vegetation sprung forth from the ground, spreading out as vines and leaves, and growing into towering trees.
The earth continued to roil and the unsettled wind picked up dust and loose leaves, swirling into clouds just above the ground and taking shape as various different creatures.
As the tumult settled, one last creature gained form. Seeming to grow from the ground, two legs formed and continued into an upright figure. When the world fell calm, this creature opened its eyes.
Looking around through new eyes, this seed of life took its first steps through the forest.

Crouching down, with a childlike curiosity, the seed picked up a small rock. Running his fingers over it and feeling its smoothness. A spark or energy passed into his hand - the charged magic of the new land was still settling in all things – as the magic travelled through his arm, the seed's eyes opened wide with an idea.
Excitedly, the seed searched a nearby tree and broke off a small branch, then pulled up some vines that were growing on the floor. Piling the items with the rock, he studied them for a moment, before fastening the rock to the stick. Satisfied, he gleefully held aloft his new tool.

Grasping the tool, the seed looked around at all the different sizes and shapes of rock, then down to the tool in his hand. Curiosity filling his eyes again, as he approached a rock that protruded from the ground.
Tapping the rock with the tool, he smiled at the clunking sound it made and hit it harder. The rock shattered into pieces. Shocked, the seed dropped the tool and scrambled backwards in innocent fear.
Moments later, when nothing more happened, the seed found the composure to re-approach the discordant pieces of rock and examine them, not knowing that he was also being examined by another creature stalking in the tall grass.
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