Please, improve the "Seedling" idea !

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I've discovered TUG only a few weeks ago, and played it the first time only a few days ago. I really like the univers you are trying to create here, but...

I'm afraid you don't push too much the Seedling aspect of the game, and focus too much on the generic stuffs (building, crafting, diging...). It's awesome to be a Seed, to grow up according to the lifestyle, but then what ? Will i be a Seed but then acte as a "normal human being trying to survive", like several games already want (and fail) to do to take Minecraft's place ?

I would rather want to have a special relationship with the nature, meet my 'shroom or tree friends maybe, become a grown up Seed, maybe even become as tall as a tree, fear fire, change mood or power according to season...

I want to be special, not just some random survivor with white eyes.

Are you doing that ?


  • SigilSigil REGISTERED Posts: 678 Developer
    Interesting ideas but I think you'll see that they have their own ideas of how to be unique. Check out some of the older updates on their kickstarter.
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    Ok so upon reading this you want your lifestyle choices to affect how your Avatar grows like in real life with your own body? (I assume that's what this post means) Now on the Being as tall as a tree or getting the characteristics of nature or any element at that, I don't think that will be a thing. My speculation would go more of the if all you do is eat and farm with minimal in-game physical activity your avatar (your seed) would probably grow up to be fat and slow with high energy consumption, or on the other hand your avatar is a miner/logger (or both) your avatar would grow to be bulky with muscle which would (I assume<<key phrase) make your avatar hit harder, use less energy when doing these task, but increase stamina use in long sprints. These are all speculations with no hard proof that I know of to back it up, but if we think about how they said your actions on your affect how he/she/it grows then I believe my assumption to be right. Some other examples (my style of play idea) I want to be an Alchemist/Hunter so I should focus my body building on Running with moderate Logging to possibly increase Sprint speed/duration. Now Mages and Summoners (People who will focus on Guardian Pet play) Avatars will more than likely look frail and slow for they will rely more spells and Quick Wits.

    Now these are my Speculations with no proof to back it up and I would also say this is simply common sense if you put a little thought into it. Now on the Element part such as Nature, Water, Air.... I believe that simple Alchemical and Magical experimentation would lead to that result should you desire.

    if any devs read this PLEASE MAKE A MIST POTION, a potion I can throw and make basically a Smokescreen Would make Multiplayer real fun :D TY
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    xx_hodgie wrote:
    Now these are my Speculations with no proof to back it up....

    Here is your proof ... sts/485623

    What you have just said is more or less what they've said they will try and do.
    The Machine is on....


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    Turns out, reading the kickstarter gives you all kinds of info. :D
    That's a really cool shirt you have on.
  • TcheyTchey REGISTERED Posts: 17 Seed
    Yes, i did that and i feel TUG is going in a nice direction. "Wait and see", as always...
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